CheQ is a fintech startup based in Bengaluru that offers a user-friendly platform for managing credit card bills and payments. Along with bill payments, users can also check their Experian score, opt for instant loans, and enjoy a simplified reward system. Despite being in a space dominated by big players such as Cred, CheQ has established its name.

Previously, CheQ used to charge for credit card bill payments, but now this fee has been removed. Users can earn 1% CheQ coins for each transaction, which can later be redeemed for various vouchers and discounts.

Credit Card Bill Payments With CheQ

Why Should I Pay My Credit Card Bill With CheQ?

  • Apart from the CheQ coins which can later be redeemed for various vouchers or bill discounts, you would also get ₹50 off on your first credit card bill payment.
  • Earn ₹3,000 every month on referrals to your friends or family.
  • You can pay multiple credit card bills at once with CheQ.
  • Periodic offers on rent payments via OneCard.
  • Check free credit report (Experian).
  • Automatic bill payment reminders.

Bottom Line

Many people might hesitate to download a new app, especially one that deals with sensitive information like credit cards. However, CheQ offers a smooth experience and decent rewards on bill payments. This app is particularly beneficial for first-time users and those who can refer it to others. It’s worth noting that although you earn 1% coins on each transaction, you would need to spend ₹20 lakh to earn a ₹2,000 Amazon voucher since the value of 1 coin for an Amazon voucher is ₹0.10. In comparison, other brands like Oven Story value 1 coin at ₹4.

Many people have now started using CheQ which is now evident from its popularity. There are even beneficial offers from time to time where you can earn 5X CheQ coins on a particular credit card issuer. Credit card bill payment is one of the most important aspects of financial management and apps like CheQ make that easy.

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