If you are a member of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club, you are rewarded with Avios and can spend them for more things than ever before. Whether it is flight upgrades, booking Qatar Airways or other airlines flights, shopping, etc. you can use your Avios for a luxurious experience at every corner of the globe.

For those who plan on flying with Qatar Airways, you can convert your credit card reward points to Avios and earn 30% more Avios points which you can use for flight upgrades, award flights, dining and shopping at Qatar Duty Free, and more. 10 lucky members even get bonus 100,000 Avios.

Read on to know about the offer in detail.

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30% Bonus Avios – Offer Details

If you are planning a dream vacation for yourself, then this offer by Qatar Airways is perfect for you. You just have to convert your credit card reward points to Avios by 30th June 2023, and you will earn 30% bonus Avios. Not just this, 10 lucky members who convert their reward points to Avios have a chance to earn bonus 100,000 Avios as well.

Thus, as you convert more and more reward points, you have a higher chance of winning the bonus Avios. You can claim this offer by converting reward points from Axis Bank, Citi Bank, American Express, and other credit cards. The bonus Avios earned you will help create everlasting memories on your travel.

How to Convert Reward Points to Avios

It is quite easy to convert your credit card reward points to Avios and you can do it by following these steps –

  • Log into your credit card’s reward points portal.
  • Choose to convert your earned reward points to Qatar Airways Privilege Club Avios.
  • The bonus 30% Avios will be credited to your Qatar Airways Privilege Club account.

Offer Terms and Conditions

The offer period extends from 1st June 2023 to 30th June 2023 within which you can earn bonus 30% Avios on converting your reward points and get a chance to win bonus 100,000 Avios.

  • The offer is applicable to Privilege Club members who are customers at participating credit card issuer banks.
  • The bonus awarded will be 30% of the base Avios converted from reward points in a single transaction.
  • The minimum conversion must be of 1000 Avios in a single transaction to be eligible for the 30% bonus.
  • The 30% bonus Avios are calculated per transaction and not on the total sum of the Avios converted from your reward points.
  • The reward points are converted to Avios at a fixed conversion ratio set by the card issuer bank.
  • If the converted Avios are credited to your Privilege Club account after the offer period ends, you will not earn the 30% bonus Avios.
  • The 10 members who have the highest conversion value at the end of the offer period will receive the bonus 100,000 Avios each, in addition to the 30% bonus Avios.
  • The cumulative amount of the converted base Avios must be atleast 500,000 to be eligible for the bonus 100,000 Avios.
  • The bonus Avios earned by you will be credited to your Privilege Club account within 45 days of the offer end date. Also, Avios credited to your account will not be reversed under any circumstances.

Bottom Line

Qatar Airways is undoubtedly one of the world’s best airlines and with its Privilege Club Avios, you can take your travel experience to the next level. With this offer, you have a chance to earn 30% bonus Avios on conversion of your credit card reward points. Members with the highest conversion value get a chance to earn a bonus 100,000 Avios as well.

However, there is one confusion regarding this campaign right now. In the offer communication e-mail sent to members by Qatar Airways, it is stated that the offer can be claimed through Citi Bank, American Express, Axis Bank, and other credit cards. However, on the Qatar Airways website, Axis Bank is not present in the offer participating partners. Thus, we recommend you to call customer support and clarify this before converting your reward points to Avios.

Make sure to earn as many Avios you can earn through this offer and use them to create the best memories and experiences on your travels.

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