Credit cards either reward their holders with reward points or cashback in addition to other benefits. The core of any credit card is this: While reward points can be converted to Airmiles or redeemed for vouchers or cash, cashback is directly received shortly along with the following monthly statement.

The SBI Cashback credit card is one of the most well-known cards in India. It has made a name for itself in the credit card market by offering a straight 5% cashback on many online platforms and brands. Almost all types of online spends are eligible for cashback, with a few exceptions such as utilities, railways, wallets, jewelry, etc.

The SBI Cashback has been well-known, and now the Swiggy HDFC card has emerged as a popular cashback credit card. This is due to a recent major change made by HDFC Bank. Previously, the cashback received with the card was in the form of Swiggy Money, but now it will be received as direct cashback against the statement. This upgrade, or what many are calling a revaluation of the Swiggy HDFC Card, has made it extremely popular in a short span of time. This is in addition to the recent offer of a lifetime free Swiggy HDFC card, which many users have reported receiving.

Cashback SBI Vs Swiggy HDFC Credit Card

While many consider the SBI Cashback card to be the king of cashback, let’s compare it to the Swiggy HDFC card.

Which Card Offers the Maximum Cashback?

When calculating the maximum cashback or benefits from the card, it’s best to keep a few things in mind, such as:

  • What categories offer cashback, online or offline?
  • Is there a maximum cap for earning cashback in a month?
  • Are there any additional benefits, such as airport lounge access, that have significant monetary value?

The table below examines the complete benefits offered by both cards. This simplified method will help you make the best choice.

Features Swiggy HDFC SBI Cashback
Fees ₹500 + GST ₹999 + GST
Accelerated Cashback 10% Across Swiggy
Maximum Cap for Accelerated Cashback ₹1500
Cashback on Online Spends 5% 5%
Maximum Cap for Cashback on Online Spends ₹1500 ₹5000 (Both Online and Offline)
Cashback on All Other Spends 1% 1%
Maximum Cap for Other Spends ₹500 ₹5000 (Both Online and Offline)
Total Maximum Cashback (Monthly) ₹3,500 ₹5000
Total Maximum Cashback (Yearly) ₹42,000 ₹60,000

Expert Insights on Both Cards

In order to effectively compare these two cashback credit cards, it’s important to consider expert opinions on their usage and benefits. These insights provide a comprehensive overview of the advantages, disadvantages, and potential uses of both cards.

  • The Cashback SBI Card is indeed a good choice with a reasonable annual fee of ₹999. However, it does not offer any specific benefits to offset this fee. On the other hand, many other credit cards, such as the Swiggy HDFC Card, do provide additional perks. For example, with the Swiggy HDFC Card, you would receive a Swiggy One membership valid for three months. This membership can be utilized to access special offers and discounts, including free delivery on orders.
  • If you carefully review the terms and conditions for the 5% cashback on online purchases with the Swiggy HDFC card, you will find the following line, which may be considered a disadvantage for many: “Please note that gift card and grocery purchases from the 5% eligible merchants and MCCs won’t earn any cashback.”
  • Many people choose the SBI Cashback card to take advantage of SBI Cashback offers during both offline and online sales. However, it’s important to note that the SBI Cashback card may not always be eligible for instant discounts on purchases. Therefore, if you have any such plans, keep this in mind and be sure to carefully read the terms of any offer you might consider opting for.

Advantage of SBI Cashback and Swiggy HDFC

Cashback Exclusions

Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card Cashback SBI Credit Card
  • Wallet
  • Rent
  • Government Related Transactions
  • Fuel
  • Jewelry
  • Insurance
  • EMI (All Types)
  • School & Educational Services
  • Cash Advances
  • Purchase of Foreign Currency and Fees
  • Interest Charges and Penalties
  • Wallet
  • Rent
  • Government Transactions
  • Fuel
  • Jewelry
  • Insurance
  • Merchant EMI & Flexipay EMI Transactions
  • School & Educational Services
  • Cash Advances
  • Utility
  • Railways

Card Insider’s Exclusive Take

No one can dispute the benefits or popularity of the SBI Cashback card. It has established its name and has been around for quite some time. However, at the same time, the Swiggy HDFC card is also not bad. Many might say that it is underrated. An individual looking to apply for one of these cards, or has received a lifetime free offer for Swiggy, or is simply wondering which is best, should keep in mind that each one of us has different needs. Surely, the SBI Cashback card is a must-have for everyone’s wallet as it offers 5% cashback across eligible online spends. However, it has an annual charge of ₹999, which is nearly double that of the Swiggy HDFC Card. While many users are getting the Swiggy HDFC as lifetime free, there are no such current offers for the SBI Cashback Card.

If you frequently spend on Swiggy, Swiggy Dineout, or Instamart, you should definitely consider getting the card as it offers rewards for both online and offline purchases. Additionally, it provides access to various Mastercard offers such as discounts on popular travel platforms. If you have received a lifetime free (LTF) Swiggy HDFC card offer, you should definitely opt for it without any doubt. For those who love to travel this card is not suited as you would receive no cashback for flight and hotel bookings.

If your expenses are not solely on Swiggy, for example, if you also spend on Zomato or don’t use Swiggy at all, then you should go for the SBI Cashback Card. Also, those with high expenses would benefit the most from the SBI Cashback Card as you can earn ₹5,000 cashback per month, whereas with the Swiggy HDFC Card, the cashback is limited to ₹3,500 per month.

Push comes to shove, keeping all the benefits and fees in mind. If we were to recommend one, we’d say go for the SBI Cashback.

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