AU Bank is known for its simple yet rewarding credit cards, and now they have a new offer available. By using your AU Bank Visa credit card for “tap and pay” transactions, you can receive Amazon vouchers worth ₹200. The only requirement is to make at least ten payments of a minimum of ₹300 each. For example, if you make ten payments of ₹300 each, totaling ₹3,000 during the offer period, you will earn rewards in the form of Amazon vouchers worth ₹200. This translates to a 6.66% savings. It’s a great offer that can easily be achieved by all AU Bank Visa cardholders. AU Visa Credit Cards - Tap to Pay and Earn ₹200 Amazon Voucher

Offer Validity – 29th April 2024 to 28th October 2024

Note: Each voucher can only be used once with a qualifying AU Visa Credit Card.

Offer Terms

  • This offer is valid for AU Bank Visa credit cards issued in India, except for business and corporate cards.
  • Use your AU Visa Credit Card to tap on POS terminals or ‘Tap to Pay’ using mobile apps such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Cred Pay.
  • Only domestic contactless transactions shall be eligible for this offer.
  • Fully canceled transactions do not qualify for the offer. Only the non-canceled amount will be considered in the case of partially canceled transactions.

AU Visa Credit Cards Offer

Bottom Line

Earn a ₹200 Amazon voucher after making ten transactions with your AU Bank Visa Credit Card, whether it’s Altura Plus or Vetta. All AU Bank Visa credit cards are eligible for this offer, except for business and corporate cards. This offer is especially rewarding due to its low minimum transaction requirement of just ₹300. All you have to do is make ten transactions of ₹300 each to be eligible for an Amazon voucher. This is on top of the regular rewards you would earn with your AU Bank credit card.

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