AU Small Finance Bank has introduced the AU Ivy Debit Card for customers who are a part of the AU Bank’s Ivy premium banking program. With its elegant metal card powered by the premium Visa Infinite platform, this lifetime-free metal card offers exclusive benefits to its cardholders. The card also functions as a 3-in-1 card, with cardholders enjoying benefits such as zero cross-currency markup on foreign transactions, complimentary lounge access at domestic and international airports, VIP access and discounts at premium restaurants, and a complimentary EazyDiner Prime membership for exclusive dining benefits.

AU Ivy Debit Card

AU Ivy Debit Cardholders get 96 complimentary tickets on BookMyShow for movies and events every year, making entertainment experiences luxurious and enjoyable. The card also offers family banking benefits, allowing cardholders to add up to 10 family members to the Ivy Premium Banking Program, extending exclusive benefits to them as well. With comprehensive insurance coverage, cashback rewards, and other exclusive privileges, the AU Ivy Debit Card is designed to elevate the banking experience for eligible customers and their families.

Features of the AU Ivy Debit Card

The AU Ivy Debit Card offers a range of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your banking experience. From travel perks to dining and entertainment benefits, this lifetime-free metal card provides cardholders with valuable privileges, making it an attractive card option for potential customers.

Lifetime-Free Metal Debit Card

The AU Ivy debit card is a lifetime free card with no charges. It is specially made for customers who are part of AU Bank’s Ivy Premium Banking Program. With no annual fees, it provides perks such as cashback, complimentary lounge access, and more, making it a valuable addition for eligible customers.

Traveling Benefits

When you use the AU Ivy debit card while traveling, you can benefit from a range of travel perks. You’ll enjoy zero cross-currency markup, which means you won’t be charged extra for making transactions in foreign currency. The card offers higher insurance coverage, including overall purchase protection, air accident cover, indemnity cover, loss of baggage coverage, and personal accident cover, providing you with peace of mind during your travels.

Moreover, the card provides access to domestic and international airport lounges, allowing you to relax and unwind before your flight. For both domestic and international airport lounges, AU cardholders will get 4 visits per quarter. These features are designed to make your travel experiences more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable.

Dining Benefits

The AU Ivy Debit Card provides cardholders with VIP access and a guaranteed 25% or higher discount across a selection of over 2,000 premium restaurants in India and Dubai. It also includes a complimentary EazyDiner Prime membership, offering exclusive dining benefits. Furthermore, the card offers access to global culinary experiences at specific international restaurants, enhancing the dining privileges for AU Ivy members.

Movie Benefits

The AU Ivy debit card offers a fantastic benefit for movie enthusiasts. Cardholders can enjoy the luxury of receiving 96 complimentary tickets on BookMyShow for movies and events every year. This exclusive perk allows members to indulge in various entertainment options, from blockbuster films to live events, without the hassle of purchasing tickets. This generous offering provides sufficient opportunities for cardholders to create memorable experiences and enjoy quality time with friends and family, all while making the most of their premium banking privileges.

Family Banking

Family banking with the AU Ivy Debit Card enables you to add up to 10 family members to the Ivy Premium Banking Program, extending all the exclusive benefits to them. This includes access to premium dining offers, movie perks, and preferential pricing across a wide range of banking products. Moreover, family members can also enjoy the convenience of cashback on monthly spending and other rewards, ensuring that every transaction becomes a rewarding experience for the entire family. This feature is designed to provide a comprehensive and inclusive banking experience for the whole family, catering to their diverse financial needs and lifestyle preferences.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance provides financial protection in case of unexpected events. It includes protection for purchases, air accidents, baggage loss, and personal accidents. This coverage helps safeguard against potential losses. The following table tells us about the insurance coverage provided by the AU Ivy Debit Card.

Insurance Amount
Overall Purchase Protection Rs. 1 Lakh
Air Accident Cover Rs. 3 Crore
Indemnity Cover Rs. 10 Lakh
Loss of Baggage Rs. 5 Lakh
Personal Accident Cover Rs. 25 Lakh

Other Benefits

  • Enjoy 1% Cashback on non-fuel spending per month capped at Rs 1,000 on a minimum spend of Rs. 2,500).
  • Zero cross-currency markup while traveling abroad as there are no extra charges on international transactions.
  • Complimentary 2 golf lessons per quarter.
  • Complimentary digital annual subscription to Livemint & Wall Street Journal.

Bottom Line

The AU Ivy Debit Card is designed to meet the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals in India. It offers a premium banking experience with a metal card powered by Visa Infinite, providing exclusive lifestyle benefits. With the AU Ivy Debit Card, users can enjoy perks like zero cross-currency markup on foreign transactions and complimentary lounge access, eliminating the need for additional travel cards or priority passes.

Moreover, AU Ivy focuses on delivering top-notch banking services through digital, physical, and video banking channels, ensuring convenience and accessibility for its users. The card also provides access to investment and insurance solutions through a dedicated wealth team, providing to individual client preferences. Overall, the AU Ivy Debit Card offers a combination of luxury, convenience, and personalized service to meet the requirements of the growing Ultra HNI segment in India.

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