A Forex card is a prepaid card designed for travel. It allows you to load multiple foreign currencies onto a single card. This card provides the convenience of locking in exchange rates at the time of loading and is a safer alternative to carrying cash or using regular debit/credit cards while traveling internationally.

The Thomas Cook Forex Card is the largest non-bank foreign exchange service provider and prepaid card issuer in India. It is a beneficial card for those who are traveling abroad for vacation, work, or studies. Since traveling abroad can be expensive with all the international transactions plus taxes on the purchases made, the Thomas Cook Forex card will help you stay safe from inflated exchange rates and unreliable vendors. This card even offers forex services on WhatsApp.

Thomas Cook Forex Card

Benefits of the Thomas Cook Forex Card

Limited-Time Offer

The Thomas Cook Forex Card has introduced a limited-time offer: a cardholder will get an Amazon voucher of Rs. 500 on the purchase of a Forex card worth USD 1,500 and a Rs. 250 voucher on the purchase of a Forex card worth USD 1,000. This offer is valid only on the website and WhatsApp.


The Thomas Cook Forex Card is convenient because it allows you to obtain a backup card at no cost in case your main card is lost or stolen. It’s easy to purchase and reload, and there are no surcharges at ATMs within the AllPoint Network. You can also manage your card online or through the mobile app, and access cash in case of emergencies.


The Thomas Cook Forex Card is secure because it comes with a chip and PIN for protection and sends real-time transaction alerts via SMS and email. The card is not linked to a bank account, and you can set your own spending limits. It also offers insurance coverage up to INR 7,50,000.

Smart Card

The Thomas Cook Forex Card is considered smart because it allows you to withdraw from over 2 million Mastercard ATMs and 3 million Visa ATMs worldwide. You can swipe this card across 35.2 million MasterCard merchants and 70 million Visa merchants in over 200+ countries. This card also helps avoid currency fluctuations by loading funds in advance. With this card, you can automatically determine the currency based on the transaction location, enabling you to keep to your spending plans, and allowing you to load your card as often as you like.

Customer Assistance

The Thomas Cook Forex Card provides customer assistance service globally for 24 x 7. It has a dedicated toll-free number in India for its users.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Thomas Cook Forex Card is a reliable and convenient option for anyone traveling abroad. It offers many perks, including the ability to hold multiple currencies, lock in exchange rates, and provide a secure way to make transactions. Overall, the Thomas Cook Card is considered to be one of the best Forex Cards available. It stands out as a valuable companion for international travel, offering both practical benefits and peace of mind.

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