Get 10x Rewards on Education Spends with IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

No doubt, credit cards have made it easier to make any type of payment from rent, insurance premiums, property management, educational fees, mobile recharges, utility bills, etc. However, most card issuers do not offer any benefits or reward points on these spend categories.

IDFC First Bank has launched an offer where you can earn up to 10x bonus reward points on both international and domestic educational spends made with your IDFC First Bank credit card. The offer runs from 1st June 2023 to 31st July 2023, both days inclusive, and in this article we will talk about this exciting offer in detail.

10x Rewards on Academic Spends with IDFC Post

10x Reward Points on Educational Spends – Offer Details

The offer period extends from 1st June 2023 to 31st July 2023, during which the cardholder can earn 10x reward points on all their education spends. You also get 100% cashback on processing fees for your EMI transactions. The minimum transaction value must be at least Rs. 3000 and payment must be made directly to schools either at POS or online.

Both domestic and international educational spends are considered for the offer but payments made through Paytm, Cred, PhonePe, or other 3rd-party merchants are not eligible for the 10x rewards. Education spends made between 1st June 2023 12 AM to 31st July 2023 11:59 PM will be eligible for the accelerated 10x reward points.

Credit Cards Eligible for the Offer

The following IDFC First Bank credit cards are eligible for the 10x reward points on educational
spends offer –

∙IDFC First Select Credit Card
∙IDFC First Wealth Credit Card
∙IDFC First Classic Credit Card
∙IDFC First Millennia Credit Card
∙IDFC First Family Credit Card
∙IDFC First WoW Credit Card
∙IDFC HPCL First Power Credit Card
∙IDFC HPCL First Power Plus Credit Card
∙IDFC First Private Credit Card

The IDFC First Business and IDFC First Corporate credit cards are not eligible for this offer.

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Offer Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply for the 10x rewards on educational spends offer –

∙The 10x reward points are credited to the cardholder’s account within 30 days of offer closure date.
∙The cardholder can see the earned reward points only when the transaction is settled.
∙All educational transactions made with your IDFC First credit card, within the offer period, are considered for the rewards. If some settlements are delayed because of the merchant’s
settlement cycle, still transactions authorized during the offer period will be eligible to earn
reward points.
∙During the offer period, the base 3x and 6x reward points on the credit cards won’t be applicable
on the education spends. The targeted educational spends will only be considered for the 10x rewards.
∙If any of the transaction is reversed or refunded, then the reward points earned on those spends will also be reversed.
∙The 100% cashback on your EMI conversions processing fees is applicable on transactions
converted to EMIs before 31st July 2023. Also, this offer cannot be clubbed or combined with anyother offer.


Do you need to soon pay the school fees of your kids, or are you planning to move abroad for higher education and want to pay your college tuition? If you have an IDFC First Bank credit card, then you have a chance to earn 10x reward points on educational spends made with your card, for a limited
time period.

Most card issuers don’t offer reward points on spends like fuel, wallet reloads, rent, insurance, government spends, etc. and this offer by IDFC Bank will surely push more people to use their credit cards, especially for educational spends. Education is vital for everyone and no one should face issues while paying for their studies.

Let us know your thoughts on this exclusive offer by IDFC First Bank and whether you plan on using it.

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