By Manan Singh
Updated On January 11, 2024

From paying bills in cash to paying the bills with cards, credit cards have revolutionized the financial system. With a credit card in hand, an individual can lot of things. The benefits and the privileges provided with the credit card, with time have also been changed and got more and more lavish. Today, at least one member of every family holds a credit card. They are using its features and benefits to the fullest. But credit card features are mostly limited to the cardholder only. The other family members of the cardholder aren’t able to use the credit card and because of this, they end up having a new credit card.

Kotak Bank Add-on Credit Cards

This, in turn, increases the total maintenance cost in the family. This is where the add-on cards come in. The add-on cards or the additional cards are also credit cards issued against the primary card. If anyone from your family holds any Kotak bank credit card, then you can get an add-on card that can be issued against that card. These cards have the same features as the primary card and share the same credit limit. Moreover, most of the add-on credit cards are lifetime free, where you don’t have to pay any annual charge.

The add-on cards can be issued to the primary cardholder’s spouse, parents, and even children (provided that they are above 18 years of age). With an additional card in hand, they can enjoy the same reward rate and other privileges as the primary credit card. Let’s understand more about the Kotak Add-on credit cards.

Features of the Kotak Add-on Cards

As mentioned above, the features of the add-on credit cards are just like any other card. As these are issued against the primary credit card the features and benefits of these cards would be similar to the primary card. However, there are some features of the add-on credit cards over and above the primary credit cards which must be known to the primary cardholders as well as to the add-on credit card applicants:

  • The add-on card members will enjoy all the benefits with the add-on card that is available with the primary card.
  • The primary cardholder has the ability to set and change the credit limit on the add-on credit card. Also, they can track and manage the add-on card anytime.
  • All the statements for the add-on card will be shared with the primary cardholder and they will be liable for the same.
  • There is no credit score requirement for the add-on card members and the minimum age requirement is just 18 years.

Fees and Charges for Kotak Add-on Credit Cards

The charges applicable on the Kotak Add-on credit cards are similar to the charges applicable on the primary Kotak card. For example, if you apply for an add-on card against the primary Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card, then the same charges would be applicable as follows:

Charges Amount
Finance Charges 3.5% per month (42% annually)
Cash Advance Fee Rs. 300
Foreign Currency Markup 3.5% of the transaction amount

Though the add-on cards are issued for a lifetime free, as they do not have any annual fee. However, there are a few Kotak add-on credit cards where annual charges are applicable. Following is the list of such cards:
Kotak Add-on Cards Annual Fee
Feast Gold card 299
Fortune Gold card 299
PVR Gold/platinum 299
MOJO platinum 299
NRI Royal Signature 599
811 card 200

Eligibility Criteria for Kotak Add-on Credit Cards

The Eligibility Criteria to apply for the Kotak Add-on credit card are very basic but also important. Following are some points you must keep in mind before applying for the Add-on card:

– The applicant for the Add-on card must be above 18 years of age.
– The applicant must be related to the primary cardholder.
– The Primary cardholder must maintain a good credit score.
– The applicant must have the consent of the Primary cardholder.

Documents Required for Kotak Add-on Credit Cards:

To apply for the Kotak Add-on credit card, the Bank may ask for certain documents that would be required to issue the card. Following are some of the documents that are asked for

  • Photo ID proof: PAN Card, Passport, Student ID Card, Voters ID, Ration Card, Company ID Card, and Passbook.
  • Address proof: Passport, Driving License, Telephone/Electricity Bill, Bank account statement, Voter ID, Gas Bill, and Water Bill.

How to Apply for Kotak Add-on Credit Card

The application process for the Kotak add-on card is very simple and quick. Follow the steps given below to apply for your add-on card:

Through Netbanking:

– Log on to Kotak.
– Click on the ‘Net Banking’ option
– Enter CRN in User ID
– Enter the password or click on “Get Net Banking Password Online”
– Click on Credit Card Tab
– Click on Add-on Card
– Please fill in the details as asked on the screen
– Click on ‘GO’
– Review the details & click ‘Confirm’

Through offline methods:

– SMS < ADDON > on 5676788
– Or you can call Kotak customer care.

Kotak Add-on Credit Card PIN generation

The PIN for the Add-on credit card is sent to the cardholder along with the Add-on card. The PIN for the card will be different from that of the primary card. If you want to change the PIN for your Add-on card, then the process is very simple. Following is the way by which you can change your Kotak Add-on Credit card PIN:

Through net banking:

– Login to your net banking account
– Tap on the “Credit Cards” tab
– Go to Service Requests and then select Instant PIN Generation
– After that enter all the necessary details and then click “Go”

Through Mobile Banking:

– Login to your mobile banking account
– Go to the “Credit Cards” tab
– Under the “Credit Cards” tab, click on “Credit Card Service Requests”
– Proceed to “Instantly Generate Pin”
– After that enter your MPIN and other necessary details
– Submit Request and Confirm

Kotak Credit Cards that offer Add-on Credit card Facility

Many Kotak Credit cards come with the Add-on Credit card facility, following are some of such cards that offer great benefits and must be considered:

Card Fee Structure Main Features
Kotak White Reserve Credit Card Interest Rate: 3.5% per month (or 42% annually)

Forex Mark-up Fee: 2% of the transaction amount.

Cash Advance Charges: Rs. 300 for every Rs. 10,000 withdrawn or part thereof.
Complimentary Club Marriott Membership

20% off on F&B bills across the Asia Pacific

20% off on the best available room rates in India and the Asia Pacific on weekends

Complimentary lounge access to primary and add-on cardholders

Free golf rounds across the world for the primary cardholders.
Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card Interest Rate: 3.4% per month

Forex Mark-up Fee: 3.5% of the transaction amount.

Cash Advance Charges: Rs. 300 per Rs. 10,000 withdrawn
Complimentary airport lounge access.

Spend-based renewal fee waiver.

30,000 bonus reward points every year based on your spends.

Insurance cover worth up to Rs. 2,50,000
Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card Interest Rate: 3.4% per month (40.8 per annum)

Forex Mark-up Fee: 3.5% of the transaction amount.

Cash Advance Charges: Rs. 300
8 Complimentary Domestic Lounge Access every year

3 Complimentary International Lounges with Priority Pass Membership

7500 bonus Zen Points on annual spending of Rs 3,00,000

15000 bonus Zen Points on annual spending of Rs 6,00,000
Kotak League Platinum Credit Card Interest Rate: 3.50% per month

Forex Mark-up Fee: 3.5% of the transaction amount.

Cash Advance Charges: Rs. 300
8x reward points on annual spending up to Rs 2 lacs.

4 free PVR tickets or 10,000 Reward Points on annual spending of Rs 1,25,000.

Protection liability up to Rs 1,25,000.

Spend based waiver on annual spending of Rs 50,000.

Bottom Line

The add-on credit cards are very beneficial as they provide the same benefits and privileges but at zero cost. Though, some of the Kotak add-on credit cards come with a charge but those are lower than the primary card. Apart from this, the additional cards are very beneficial for students and elderly people as they do not have a regular income or a good credit score. Moreover, if the primary card is enabled for international transactions then the add-on card members can enjoy international shopping as well.


It depends on your needs, if you do not wish to share the credit limit with someone, you can get yourself a credit card under your name. But if you are dependent on someone then having an add-on credit card is a much better option.
There are no credit check requirements for the add-on credit cardholders as they will not be liable for any payments related to both cards.
The cash advance fee for all credit cards including the add-on credit cards remains the same which is Rs. 300.
The foreign currency markup is 3.5% of the transacted amount which is the same for every credit card issued by the bank.