Smartwatches are like tiny computers you wear on your wrist. They tell you the time, yes, but they can also check how fast your heart is beating or how well you sleep. They can even show messages from your phone or let you pay for things without taking out your wallet. Smartwatches are helpful because they keep you connected and healthy without causing much trouble. You just wear it, and it takes care of many things for you.

Axis Bank Active Watch

Axis Bank has entered the wearable technology market with the Axis Bank Active Watch. This smartwatch is designed for individuals be it a Gen-Z, millennial, or a baby boomer offering features beyond telling time. It is a comprehensive device that tells the importance of health and financial transactions in our daily lives. The Active Watch from Axis Bank lets you track your fitness and make financial transactions directly from your wrist. This article will discuss the impressive features of the Axis Bank Active Watch, including its ability to monitor health and its unique contactless payment feature.

Axis Bank Active Watch

The Axis Bank Active Watch is an all-rounder smartwatch offering both fitness and financial benefits. It’s like having a health tracker and wallet on your wrist. This smartwatch comes with health monitoring features such as SpO2, body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure monitoring. Giving you a better understanding of your overall well-being, it’s perfect for those who like to monitor their health metrics. Its ability to make contactless payments sets the Axis Bank Active Watch apart. With a simple tap of the watch at participating stores, you can pay for purchases without using your card or entering a PIN for amounts below ₹5000. For transactions higher than ₹5,000, a PIN is required. With a battery life that lasts up to 7 days, it’s designed for ease and convenience, making it an ideal choice for active individuals looking for a smart and efficient way to track their health and manage their finances on the go.


Fees and Charges

  • Active Watch has a joining fee of ₹3,499 with taxes and an annual fee of ₹590 with taxes.
  • The annual fees will start one year after the card is issued and will continue until the card’s contactless chip expires, which is five years, or until the chip is deactivated, whichever happens sooner.

Welcome Benefits

The Active Watch currently offers 500 EDGE Reward Points to its users upon reaching the goal of 70,000 steps in a week. These rewards can be redeemed for online and in-store transactions.

Contactless Payments

The Axis Bank Active Watch has the option of contactless payments. It has a secure payment chip that allows you to tap your watch to pay at participating stores. Once your watch is linked to your Axis Bank Savings account, you can effortlessly use this payment method with your everyday transactions up to ₹5,000. It allows for quick and secure payments without needing to take out your card or enter a PIN. For larger transactions over ₹5,000, an extra verification step using a PIN ensures your financial security is always protected. The Axis Bank Active Watch makes managing financial transactions easy and safe by combining technology with convenience.

Personal Coach

With the Axis Bank Active Watch from GOQii, you get personalized fitness advice directly to your wrist. Certified GOQii professionals offer constant motivation and expert guidance, making having a personal coach feel even more supportive and helpful. Get personalized advice from your coach that fits your lifestyle while tracking your progress with the watch’s advanced health monitoring features. It’s a simple combination of technology and individualized coaching to keep you active and healthy.


  • 24×7 continuous body temperature and heart rate monitoring
  • Auto sleep tracking
  • SpO2 Blood oxygen monitoring
  • 7 days battery life
  • 1.57” full touch HD color display
  • Rust and water-resistant
  • Menstrual/ pregnancy tracker
  • Phone finder
  • Music Control

Bottom Line

The Axis Bank Active Watch stands out as an extraordinary blend of health tracking and financial management technology created for the modern user. It’s more than just a smartwatch; it’s a health monitor, a wallet, and a fitness coach, all wrapped up into one sleek device that you wear on your wrist. With features like continuous health monitoring, contactless payments of up to ₹5,000 without a PIN, and a personalized fitness advisor, it offers both convenience and security.

The watch is designed to meet the needs of both fitness enthusiasts and those looking to simplify their financial transactions. The Axis Bank Active Watch is a great choice for those who want wearable technology that combines health and financial features with style and functionality. It’s a cutting-edge device that is hard to ignore, thanks to its affordable price, special offers, and commitment to making life easier and safer.

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