By Bharti Bisht
Updated On May 11, 2023

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC Bank) is an International Bank that has branches in India as well. This bank provides top-class services and products to its customers with which this bank gives tough competition to the others present in the market. Among its top-class products, is its credit cards which are quite competitive with the others present in the pool. The credit cards by HSBC Bank provide various benefits to the applicants across every category from travel, lifestyle, fuel, etc.

HSBC Bank Credit Cards for Airport Lounge Access

But one of the main features that applicants look for in credit cards these days is complimentary access to the airport lounges. This is because people these days love to travel but also demand some kind of comfort while they travel. Therefore, when they get complimentary access to the airport lounges, they find some time for themselves wherein they can sit and relax away from the noisy and overcrowded airport scenes. In this article, we will discuss about HSBC Bank Credit Cards that provide credit cardholders with complimentary access to airport lounges.

HSBC Bank Credit Cards with Airport Lounge Access

Name of the Credit Card Airport Lounge Benefits
HSBC Bank Premier MasterCard Credit Card 6 complimentary domestic lounge access per quarter under MasterCard Lounge Program.

2 complimentary international lounge visits per year with LoungeKey Membership.

HSBC Bank Premier MasterCard Credit Card

HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card is an exclusive credit card by HSBC Bank that offers quite amazing benefits to card owners among diverse categories. With the credit card, you can earn reward points while you continue to spend on your routine transactions using your credit card. Apart from this, you get some exclusive welcome benefits when you opt for this credit card. With this credit card, you need to pay a low forex fee of 1.99% of the amount transacted. You also get some additional benefits such as zero liability protection, a 1% of fuel surcharge waiver, complimentary access to 8 airport lounges, complimentary golf rounds at discounted fees at premium golf destinations at selected golf courses in India, etc.

The redemption of reward points can be done as below –

  • By transferring them to partner airlines’ AirMiles program (InterMiles, Singapore Airlines, British Airways). The redemption rate is as follows-
AirMiles Program Points AirMiles
InterMiles 3 2 JPMiles
Singapore Airlines 2 1 Kris Flyer Mile
British Airways Executive Club 1 1 Avios Mile
  • Can be transferred to Taj Inner Circle hotel loyalty program. 1,000 Reward Points = 1,000 Taj Inner Circle Points.
  • For purchasing shopping vouchers, products, etc from the bank’s redemption catalog.

The details of the complimentary access to airport lounges that you get with this credit card are as below –

  • 6 complimentary visits per quarter to the domestic airport lounges with the MasterCard Lounge Program.
  • 2 complimentary visits per quarter to the international airport lounges with LoungeKey membership.

List of Airport lounges accessible under MasterCard India Lounge Program

City Lounge Name Terminal
Bangalore BLR Lounge

BLR Lounge

080 Domestic Lounge
Domestic T1

International T1

Domestic T1
Chennai Travel Club Lounge A

Travel Club Lounge B

Travel Club Lounge

Travel Club Lounge
Domestic T1

Domestic T1

International T3

International T4
Hyderabad Encalm Lounge

Encalm Lounge  
Domestic T1

International T1
Kolkata Travel Club Lounge

Travel Club Lounge  
Domestic T1

International T1
Mumbai Travel Club Lounge

Adani Lounge

Oasis Lounge

Loyalty Lounge
Domestic T1C

Domestic T2 

Domestic T1B

International T2
New Delhi Encalm Lounge

Encalm Lounge 

Encalm Lounge

Encalm Lounge
Domestic T1D

Domestic T2

Domestic T3

 International T3

For the complete list of lounges that will be accessible with HSBC Banl Premier MasterCard Credit Card, click here.

Bottom Line

Complimentary access to airport lounges is one feature that prospective credit card applicants look for these days before they opt for a credit card. The reason behind this is the traveling schedule of the generation these days. They have to travel a lot these days either because of their passion for traveling or because of their work commitments. Hence, they try to find a credit card at an affordable cost that will provide them with complimentary access to airport lounges. The HSBC Bank Premier MasterCard credit card (available for HSBC Bank Premier customers) is one such credit card that provides credit cardholders with some unbeatable benefits along with providing them complimentary access to airport lounges.


No, HSBC Bank provides you with other amazing benefits but does not provide you with complimentary access to airport lounges.

You can check the list of lounges that are accessible with HSBC Bank Premier MasterCard on the official website of HSBC Bank. Furthermore, we have attached a list of accessible lounges in the article above.