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The Vantage Credit Card offered by DBS Bank India is a super-premium card that comes with a range of exclusive benefits and luxuries specifically designed for high-net-worth individuals. This card is ideal for frequent international travelers who can enjoy unlimited access to domestic and international lounges, thus making their trips more relaxing. Additionally, individuals can avail of a 10% cashback on purchases made at Duty-Free stores when they’re at the airport with this card.

New credit card users will receive 10,000 Vantage Points as a joining benefit, along with the option to choose one membership from Taj Epicure, ITC Culinaire, and Club Marriott. This card offers a spend-based renewal fee waiver and milestone benefits, making it a must-have for anyone looking to indulge in luxury.

DBS Vantage Credit Card

Joining Fee

Rs. 50,000 + GST

Renewal Fee

Rs. 50,000 + GST

Best Suited For

Shopping |

Reward Type

Reward Points |

Welcome Benefits

10,000 Vantage Points and Any One (Hotels Taj Epicure/ITC Culinaire/Club Marriott)

Movie & Dining


Rewards Rate

4 VP/Rs. 200 Spent in India and 8 VP/Rs. 200 Spent Internationally

Reward Redemption

1 VP = Rs. 1 When Redeemed at DBS Delights


Zero Forex Charge (In Singapore)

Domestic Lounge Access

Unlimited Visits Across India

International Lounge Access

Unlimited Visits Across the Globe


4 Free Golf Games Per Year

Insurance Benefits


Spend-Based Waiver

Annual Fee Waiver on Spends of Rs. 10,00,000 in a Year

Rewards Redemption Fee

Rs. 99 + GST

Rewards Redemption Fee

Rs. 99 + GST

Foreign Currency Markup

1.75%/ Zero (For Singapore)

Interest Rates

3.5% - 4% Monthly (42- 48% Per Annum)

Fuel Surcharge

1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Cash Advance Charges

2.5% of the Cash Amount (Minimum Rs. 500)

  • This is a super premium credit card offered by DBS Bank India.
  • The joining and renewal fee for this card is Rs. 50,000.
  • Earn 4 Vantage Points with this card for domestic purchases and 8 Vantage Points for international spends.
  • This card offers unlimited domestic and international lounge access.


  • International businessmen who often travel to Singapore can take advantage of the zero forex charges.
  • Vantage Credit Card holders enjoy unlimited domestic and international lounge access.


  • Unlimited lounge access is only valid for primary cardholders, not for add-on credit card holders.

DBS Bank Vantage Credit Card Features

It’s best to know all the benefits a credit card offers before applying for one. If you are considering opting for the premium DBS Vantage Credit Card, it’s best to know everything about the card beforehand. Keep on reading to discover more about the card.

Welcome Benefit

Get 10,000 Vantage Points worth Rs. 10,000 on making the first transaction within 30 days of card issuance. Apart from these reward points, cardholders can also choose the luxury hotel membership of their choice from the following hotels: Taj Epicure, ITC Culinaire, and Club Marriott. Cardholders can only avail of one membership, which can be redeemed at DBS Delights.

Complimentary Golf Sessions

Each primary cardholder can avail of four golf sessions for free with the DBS Vantage Credit Card. This benefit is only available for the primary cardholders; all other guests shall be charged.

Zero Forex Charge in Singapore

This card offers a great advantage to those who frequently make transactions in Singapore. You won’t have to pay any Forex charge for such transactions, while for other countries, you’ll be charged a 1.75% markup. Businessmen who travel to Singapore often will benefit greatly from this zero forex charge, and even the 1.75% charge is lower compared to the usual rate of 3.5% offered by other banks and credit card issuers.

Unlimited Domestic and International Lounge Access

Primary cardholders shall be eligible for unlimited domestic and international lounge visits across the globe. This benefit is only limited to the primary cardholder and is not extended for add-on cardholders.

Milestone Benefits

Given below are the benefits you can accumulate by spending on your Vantage Card.

  • 5,000 Vantage Points on spends above Rs. 3 lakh in a calendar quarter.
  • 10,000 Vantage Points on spends above Rs. 5 lakh in a calendar quarter.
  • 40,000 Vantage Points on spends above Rs. 20 lakh in a calendar year.
  • A maximum of 40,000 Vantage Points can be earned in a year.

Customers can earn bonus Vantage Points for various milestones by spending on fuel purchases, wallet loads, duty-free shopping, rent payments, cash withdrawals, and EMI conversions.

Concierge Services

The concierge can be reached through multiple channels such as call center, web chat, email, and messaging apps across different countries. The contact number is 0008 00442 0011, and the email address is [email protected].

  • Make dining reservations without any hassle and enjoy exclusive offers and privileges.
  • Health and medical services.
  • Entertainment and experiences.
  • Recommendations on staycations, local and global activities.
  • The concierge can assist you with gift ideas and shopping
  • Other special services like business, home, and roadside assistance.

Earn Vantage Points on Credit Card Spends

  • Earn 4 Vantage Points for every Rs. 200 spent on domestic purchases.
  • Get 8 Vantage Points on every Rs. 200 spent on international purchases, excluding transactions made in Singapore. For all Singapore transactions, you will earn 4 Vantage Points for every Rs.200 spent.
  • Vantage Points are valid for a period of 2 years.
  • The value of 1 Vantage Point = Rs. 1 when redeemed at DBS Delights.
  • You shall not earn any Vantage Points for the following – fuel, wallet reload, Duty-Free Stores, or Rent.

Reward Point Redemption

You can redeem your reward points for flights, hotels, gift vouchers, and much more at DBS Delights.

10% Cashback at Duty-Free Stores

Get 10% cashback up to Rs. 1500 per month on all purchases made at Duty-Free Stores.

DBS Bank Vantage Credit Card Review

The Vantage Credit Card by DBS Bank is an invite-only credit card that offers super-premium benefits and privileges to its customers while charging a high joining fee. Most suited for individuals who often travel for business or people looking for extra premium features, this card has it all. Whether looking to earn valuable vantage points, milestone spend benefits, travel advantages, or golf privileges, the Vantage Card doesn’t disappoint. The value of one Vantage Point, which is earned on spends of Rs. 200 with this card, is Rs. 1 when redeemed with the DBS’s own Delights program.

With high fees and premium benefits, this card is in the ranks of AMEX Platinum Charge and Axis Reserve Credit Cards. Share your views on the super-premium card in the comments below.


The joining and renewal fee for the DBS Bank Vantage Credit Card is Rs. 50,000, while DBS Elite customers can avail of this card at a fee of Rs. 10,000.
Yes, the DBS Vantage Credit Card is a metal credit card.

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