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The BoB Easy Credit Card is the perfect choice for those looking for an entry-level card with zero annual/renewal charges. This card is perfect for daily spending as it will earn you reward points in return. You earn 5 Reward Points on spending Rs. 100 on movies, groceries, and departmental stores. This would allow you to maximize your savings on daily expenditures. Other than this, you would earn 1 Reward Point on all other categories, and for some select categories, you would get 0.5 Reward Points. Moreover, this card covers zero liability protection on the loss of the card.

The Bank of Baroda Easy Credit Card is available on the RuPay network, which means you can easily link this card to the UPI application of your choice and make easy payments. Not only shall you be able to pay merchants by linking your card to UPI, but you shall also earn base Reward Points on these transactions. To learn more about the card, kindly read the features and benefits given below.

Bank of Baroda Easy Credit Card

Joining Fee


Renewal Fee


Best Suited For

Shopping | Food |

Reward Type

Reward Points

Welcome Benefits


Movie & Dining


Rewards Rate

5X reward points on every Rs. 100 spent on movies, groceries, and departmental stores. 1 reward point on every Rs. 100 spent on other categories. 0.5 % RPs on other categories.

Reward Redemption

Accumulated reward points can be redeemed against cashback and other exciting options. 1 reward point is equivalent to Re. 0.25.



Domestic Lounge Access


International Lounge Access




Insurance Benefits


Spend-Based Waiver


Rewards Redemption Fee


Rewards Redemption Fee


Foreign Currency Markup


Interest Rates

3.25% p.m.

Fuel Surcharge

Waiver of 1 % fuel surcharge on fuel transactions between Rs. 400 - Rs. 5000 at all petrol pumps all across India (Maximum Rs. 250).

Cash Advance Charges

At Domestic ATMs - 2.5% or Rs. 300

  • Lifetime free for a limited time period.
  • Earn 5X reward points on selected merchant categories like groceries, departmental stores, movies, etc.
  • Earn 1 reward point on other categories.
  • Earn 0.5% Reward Points on specific MCC categories.
  • This card can be linked to UPI.

Bank of Baroda Easy Credit Card Rewards

The Reward rates offered with the BoB Easy Credit Card are as follows:

  • For every Rs. 100 spent on select merchant categories, namely movies, groceries, and departmental stores, using this credit card, you will get 5x Reward Points.
  • You can earn 5x reward points of up to 1000 in a month on selected merchant categories. After the capped limit is exceeded, you will earn 1 reward point on further spending in that month.
  • For every Rs. 100 spent on other categories, you will get 1 Reward Point.
  • You earn 0.5% cashback on the payment of the card bill.

Reward redemption

  • The gathered reward points can be redeemed against cash-backs and other exciting options.
  • The monetary value of 1 Reward Point is equal to Rs. 0.25.

BoB Easy Credit Card Features

The Easy Credit Card offered by Bank of Baroda is an entry-level credit card offering amazing rewards and benefits across various categories. The following are the details of the advantages that this credit card offers extends to its customers:

Insurance benefits

  • This credit card offers accidental death cover to the primary credit cardholder.

UPI Enabled

You can link this card on your UPI application like Google Pay and earn base Reward Points on UPI spends.

Other benefits

  • On this card, you get the benefit of zero liability on the lost card. The cardholder has to notify the bank within 24 hours about the loss of the card or any other fraudulent transactions.
  • You can easily convert your purchase worth more than Rs. 2,500 into easy EMIs of 6/12 months.

BoB Easy Credit Card Fees and Charges

Following are the details of fees and charges with respect to the Bank of Baroda Easy Credit Card-

  • You do not have to pay any joining and renewal fees on this credit card.
  • A 3.25% interest rate is charged with the credit card on the overdue amount.
  • 3.5% of the transaction amount has to be paid towards international transactions.
  • The cash advance fee on this credit card is 2.5%, subject to a minimum of Rs. 300 (at domestic ATMs) and 3% of the withdrawn amount or Rs. 300 (at international ATMs).

Bank of Baroda Easy Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

Certain eligibility criteria need to be met if you want to have a BoB Easy Credit Card. These eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • The applicant’s age should be above 21 years.
  • The applicant should have a stable income source, i.e., they should either be salaried or self-employed.
  • The applicant should have a decent credit history.

How to Apply for a BoB Easy Credit Card?

The BoB Easy Credit Card can be applied both online and offline.  Follow these steps to apply for a credit card through the online method:

Step 1: Keep all the required documents handy.
Step 2: Click on Apply Now.
Step 3: Fill in all the required details in the digital application form.
Step 4: Submit your application for a new BoB Credit Card.

If you would like to apply through the offline method, visit the nearest bank branch, fill in the required forms, and attach the necessary documents.

BoB Easy Credit Card Review

One can say that the Bank of Baroda Easy Credit Card is a decent card. It is among some of the exclusive basic cards offered by BoB Financial, other cards being BoB Prime, BOB Premier Credit Card, etc. The Easy Card earns you 5 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent on movies, groceries, and departmental stores. You also earn 1 reward point for categories other than selected merchant categories. On the card bill payment, you earn a 0.5% cashback. This card entitles you to zero liability on the loss of the card. Once the capping limit of 5X reward points on selected merchant categories exceeds in a month, you start earning reward points at a regular earning rate in that month. Hence, this card is a good fit for retail shopping, and anyone can afford it.

This was the BoB Easy Credit Card review from our side. Make sure to let us know your views on this in the comment section below! If this card suits your needs, you should definitely apply for this lifetime free offering.


3.5% of the transacted amount is charged ad a forex fee on this credit card.
3.25% p.m. is interest charges on this card.
The BoB Easy Credit Card is lifetime free.
No, there are no charges levied on this facility.
No, this card doesn’t provide you any travel benefits.
Bank of Baroda Easy Credit Card

Bank of Baroda (BoB) Easy Credit Card



  1. Vatsal Reply

    Easy credit card gives 20 paisa per 1 reward

    sharing based on two unboxing videos –
    please open below link pause at 1:36 min

    can you please inform me where did you checked this reward system ? ( really I want to know the official source )I can’t find in official website.

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      Hi Vatsal, we would confirm after checking with BoB Financial.

  2. Prasanth Reply

    The 0.5% cashback on bill payments were removed during a reward degrade process over a year back.

    • Kartik Kanwar Reply

      Yes, instead now you can earn 0.5 Reward Points on certain MCC categories.

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