By Shubham Sharma
Updated On May 21, 2024

If you have recently applied for a Punjab National Bank Credit Card, you might be looking for a few ways to track the status of your credit card application. Being one of the major financial institutions in India, PNB provides its customers with great products and services and keeps all their requirements in mind. The card issuer also allows you to track the status of your credit card application online as well as offline as per your comfort. Go through the full article to understand all the methods to check Punjab National Bank credit card application status in detail:
check PNB Credit Card application status

How To Check PNB Credit Card Application Status Online?

You can track your PNB Credit Card application status online as follows:

Via Email

Although Punjab National Bank doesn’t have any online application tracking page, you can still check your application status online via email. You can simply send an email to [email protected] from your registered email address and request the bank officials to update you about your credit card application status. Just make sure to send all the necessary details like your application number, PAN Number, Name, Registered Mobile numbers, etc. The application number is a unique identification number that you must note down when applying for a credit card. After sending the email, your request shall be processed within 1-2 days.

How to Track PNB Credit Card Application Status Offline?

Punjab National Bank customers can also check their credit card application status offline using any of the two methods mentioned below:

By Contacting Customer Care

If you don’t prefer online methods, you can track your PNB credit card status offline by contacting the PNB Credit Card customer care at 1800 180 2345. You can also call the bank at 0120 – 4616200. Just ask the bank executives to help you track your application status and follow all the instructions given by them carefully.

By Visiting The Branch

You can also visit your nearest Punjab National Bank Branch to get your PNB credit card status. Ask any bank official to update you on the same. They might ask you for a few details and documents. Just provide them with all the information they need and you will get updated on your credit card status shortly after that.

Different Statuses of your Credit Card Application Explained

The various stages of your PNB credit card application status are explained as follows

  • In Progress: The “Progress” status of your credit card application means that your credit card application status is still being processed.
  • Approved: The approved status reflects that your credit card application has been approved by the bank.
  • Dispatched: After your credit card application gets approved the dispatch is reflected as your application status. You shall receive an SMS from the bank specifying the expected date of delivery
  • On Hold: “On Hold” status shall reflect on your status when the application has been put on hold by the bank for some reason. The on-hold status indicates that your application has been placed on hold for a variety of reasons, including failed document verification, the requirement for additional papers to complete the procedure, and so on.
  • Disapproved: In case you do not fulfill the eligibility requirement of the bank your application shall be disapproved by the bank

In case your credit card application gets disapproved you can re-apply for this credit card after three months.


You need to wait for 3 months before you re-apply for a new credit card after my application has been rejected.
When you have entered your username and password incorrectly the “No record status“ shall be displayed on your screen.
No, you do need a Punjab National bank account to apply for the Punjab National bank credit card.