By Shubham Sharma
Updated On May 21, 2024

IndusInd Bank customers, who have applied for a credit card from the bank, might want to know if there is any progress in their credit card application or not. If you have also applied for an IndusInd Credit Card and want to track the status of your credit card application, you can do it online as well offline by various methods provided by the card issuer. Applicants who prefer online methods, as such methods are quick and easier, can follow online methods to check their application status, and individuals who like to do things offline can use the offline methods for the same. Keep reading the article to understand detailed steps to check IndusInd Bank credit card application status:
Check IndusInd Bank credit card application status

How to Check IndusInd Credit Card Application Status Online

The IndusInd bank customers can track their credit card application status online easily. However, the bank doesn’t have any specific application tracking as that of other major card issuers like HDFC bank, SBI Card, etc, you can still use the following online methods to get your credit card status at the earliest:

Using Indus Assist

Indus Assist is the virtual assistant that helps you with all the bank and credit card-related services provided by the bank. You can follow these simple steps to get assistance on how you can track your credit card application:

Step 1: Visit the IndusInd bank’s official website.
Step 3: On the bottom rightmost corner of your screen, you will see an option saying ‘Hi, Need Assistance?’ Click on this option.
Step 4: Type ‘What is the status of my credit card application.’
Step 5: You will either be informed about your application status or the chatbot will assist you with all the steps and methods you can follow to track your application status.

How to Track IndusInd Credit Card Application Offline

The IndusInd Bank customers can check their credit card application offline via any of the methods mentioned below. Just make sure to keep your important details, like PAN Number, registered mobile number, etc, handy in both cases.

By Contacting Customer Care

To check the status of your IndusInd Credit Card application, you can get in touch with the IndusInd Credit Card customer care executive at 1860-267-7777 or +91- 22 – 42207777. Moreover, if you have applied for IndusInd Bank Classic / Gold /Business (Gold) credit card, you can reach out the customer care on this number at 1860 500 5004 / +91- 22 – 44066666. They will ask you for a few important details and then will provide you with the required information.

By Visiting the Branch

You can also visit your nearest IndusInd Bank branch to get your credit card status. Just ask the bank officials for the same, provide them with all the required details, and they will let you know about the status of your IndusInd Credit Card application in a few minutes. However, it is always better to get in touch with customer care as it will save your time.

What is the status of your Credit Card Application?

While tracking your credit card application status, you might get any of the following statuses. Refer to the below-mentioned points to understand what do all these terms denote:

  • In Progress: The “Progress” status of your credit card application means that your Indusind bank credit card status is still being processed.
  • On Hold: “On Hold” status shall reflect on your status when the application has been put on hold by the bank for some reason. The on-hold status indicates that your application has been placed on hold for a variety of reasons, including failed document verification, the requirement for additional papers to complete the procedure, and so on.
  • Approved: The approved status reflects that your credit card application has been approved by the bank.
  • Dispatched: After your credit card gets approved the dispatch is reflected as your application status. You shall receive an SMS from the bank specifying the expected date of delivery.
  • Disapproved: In case you do not fulfill the eligibility requirement of the bank your application shall be disapproved by the bank.
  • No Record Found: In case, you have entered your application number incorrectly. The No Record found message shall be displayed on your screen.


No, you don’t need to have an IndusInd bank account to apply for an IndusInd bank credit card.
The IndusInd bank customers can reach out to this mentioned number at 1860-267-7777 or +91- 22 – 42207777.
Typically, it takes about 10-15 working days to process your IndusInd Bank credit card application.