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Updated On January 4, 2023

IDFC First Bank recently launched a super-premium card named IDFC First Private Credit Card. It is an invite-only card, i.e, only people invited by the IDFC First bank can get this card, and is targeted at high net-worth individuals. The card charges a high annual membership fee of Rs. 50,000 and offers lots of exciting benefits across different categories. Be it travel, entertainment, lifestyle, rewards, or charity, you can get all your requirements fulfilled with this credit card. You don’t only earn the usual reward points using this credit card, but after achieving a certain monthly spend, you earn Karma Points that are donated for charity purposes in your name.

The IDFC First private cardholders can earn up to 10x Reward Points on their spends using this card and these points are redeemable against a variety of options. Moreover, the card offers complimentary airport lounge access not only for the primary cardholders but for the add-on card members as well. Other than this, you get discount on movies, free golf lessons, complimentary insurance covers, and many more benefits with this card. To know more about the IDFC First Private Credit Card and al its features, continue reading:


Invite Only

Best Suited For

Joining Fee

Rs. 50,000

Reward Type

Product Details

  • Invite-only credit card.
  • You earn Karma Points that you can use for charity.
  • Get up to 10x reward Points on your spends.
  • Get up to Rs. 750 discount on movies twice every month.
  • Get complimentary golf rounds every year on the basis of your monthly spends.
  • Free domestic as well as international lounge access.
  • Air accident cover worth Rs. 1 Crore.
  • No late payment fee and no over-limit charges.

Rewards and Benefits

Welcome Benefits


Movie & Dining

Get up to Rs. 750 discount on movie/non-movie bookings via BookMyShow

Rewards Rate

3 Reward Points on every Rs. 100 spent offline and 6 RPs on every Rs. 100 spent online

Reward Redemption

1 Reward Point = Re. 0.25 for redemption against various gift vouchers


Get free airport lounge access and spa sessions every year.


2 complimentary golf rounds/lessons every month

Domestic Lounge Access

4 complimentary domestic lounge access every quarter (for primary and add-on cardholders)

International Lounge Access

4 complimentary domestic lounge access every quarter (for primary and add-on cardholders)

Insurance Benefits

Get an air accident cover worth Rs. 1 crore

Zero Liability Protection

The cardholders get a zero liability protection against a lost/stolen card if reported the loss to the bank in a timely manner.

Fees & Charges

Joining Fee

Rs. 50,000

Renewal Fee

Rs. 50,000 plus applicable taxes

Spend based Waiver


Rewards Redemption Fee


Rewards Redemption Fee


Foreign Currency Markup


Interest Rates

0.99% per month

Fuel Surcharge

1% fuel surcharge waiver on all fuel purchases

Cash Advance Charge

Rs. 250

Add-on Card Fee

Nil for 1st card, 2nd card onwards: Rs. 4,000 per add-on card

IDFC First Private Credit Card Features and Benefits

The Private Credit Card launched by IDFC First bank is the most premium offering by the bank so far. It is issued only to selected customers that are invited by the bank itself. The card comes with lots of exciting privileges and its most significant features are listed below:

Karma Points

After achieving a monthly spend of Rs. 30,000, you start earning Karma Points on your spends at the following rate:

– 1 Karma Point on every spend of Rs. 100
– Karma Points are not accrued on certain transactions, including Fuel, Insurance transactions, EMI, Cash withdrawals, rent payments, etc.

The redemption of Karma Points can be made as follows:

– 1 Karma Point = Re. 0.25.
– You can easily change your choice of charity by calling on the VIP Access number. The default choice is set to CRY foundation.
– Once a minimum of 20,000 Karma Points get accrued on your account, the points get donated to the charity chosen by you.

Travel Benefits

  • Th cardholders get 4 complimentary domestic lounge access every quarter, i.e. 16 per year (applicable to primary as well as supplementary cardholders).
  • The primary, as well as add-on cardholders, get 4 complimentary international lounge access every quarter (16 every year).
  • The card also provides you with 4 free spa sessions every quarter.

Movie Benefits

  • You get up to Rs. 750 discount on movie/non-movie ticket bookings and food & beverages through BookMyShow app/website.
  • This benefit can be availed twice every month.

Golf Benefits

  • You get one complimentary golf round and lesson every month.
  • The cardholders get eligible for free golf lessons only after spending Rs. 20,000 or more in a particular month (2 complimentary lessons on spends above Rs. 40,000).

Insurance Benefits

The insurance benefits provided by this card are as listed below in the table:

IDFC First Private Credit Card

Category Insurance Cover
Air Accident Rs. 1 Crore
Loss of Checked-InBaggage USD 500
Delay In Flight USD 300
Delay of Checked-InBaggage USD 100
Loss of Passport and otherdocuments USD 300

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

You get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on all fuel transactions made using this card. The maximum waiver per month is capped at Rs. 400.

IDFC First Private Credit Card Reward Points

The reward rates offered by the IDFC First Private Credit Card on different categories are as follows:

  • 6 Reward Points on every spend of Rs. 100 online (for spends below Rs. 30,000).
  • 3 RPs on every Rs. 100 spent offline (for spends below Rs. 30,000).
  • 10 Reward Points on every spend of Rs. 100 (after achieving monthly spends of Rs. 30,000 and on all spends on birthdays).
  • 25% additional Reward Points on donating reward points to charity.

Reward Redemption

The reward points you earn using this card can be redeemed against various exciting options and vouchers at a redemption value of 1 Reward Point = Re. 0.25.

IDFC First Private Credit Card Fees and Charges

Some very importnat fees and charges associated with the IDFC First Bank private Credit Card are as mentioned below:

  • The joining and annual membership fee of this credit card is Rs. 50,0000 plus applicable taxes.
  • The interest rate on the First private Credit Card is 099% per month, which is much lower than the interest charged by most of the credit cards in India.
  • The cash advance fee on this credit card is Rs. 250 only, i.e. you can easily withdraw cash just by paying a fee of Rs. 250.
  • There is no forex markup fee chargeable on this credit card.
  • There are no late payment charges.

IDFC First Bank Private Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

As the IDFC First Private Credit Card is an invite-only credit card, there is no specific eligibility criteria mentioned by the card issuer. However, some basic requirements that you might need to fulfill are as follows:

  • Your age should be above 21 years.
  • You should have a high monthly income.
  • You must have an excellent credit score and a good relationship with IDFC First Bank.

How To Apply For The IDFC First Private Credit Card?

Not every individual is eligible to apply for the IDFC First Private Credit Card. You can only get it if the bank itself invites you to apply for the card. If you find yourself fit for this super-premium credit card, you can contact IDFC First Credit Card customer care to know more about the eligibility to get invited.

Bottom Line

With the launch of the super-premium Private Credit Card, IDFC First Bank gives direct competition to the leading card issuers like HDFC Bank which offers Infinia Credit Card, and Axis Bank which offers Reserve and other premium cards. This card seems to be very unique as it doesn’t only focus on providing you with extra rewarding benefits, but you can also do good for others without spending any extra amount. You can earn Karma Points on your monthly spending and the amount equivalent to these points is directly sent to the charity chosen by you. Talking about its privileges, you can have a luxurious experience when you travel or when you go out to the movies as the card offers free lounge access and great discounts on movie tickets. All its benefits make this card a great option for those who believe in having a premium lifestyle. Though you can not apply for this card, you should try building a great credit history and a good relationship with the IDFC First Bank, so that your chances of getting invited for this card increase. If you have any additional doubts regarding this credit card, you can freely ask us in the comment section below!


You can not apply for the IDFC First Private Credit Card as it is issued on an invite-only basis. You can get this card only if you get an invitation from the IDFC First Bank.

The Karma Points you earn using the IDFC First Private Credit Card are automatically donated to the charity chosen by you when 20,000 points are accrued in your account.

There is no forex markup fee associated with this credit card, making it a suitable option for international transactions.

The monetary value of  1 Reward Points earned using the IDFC First private Credit Card is Re. 0.25.

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