By Divya Shokeen
Updated On October 21, 2021

The applicant can apply for an HSBC credit card online and can check the status of their application. However, HSBC Bank provides you with timely notification of credit card application status via SMS. As of now, the bank only provides you offline channel to check your credit card application status.

Check HSBC Credit Card application statusCheck your HSBC credit card application status through an offline channel

You can check your credit card application via two ways:

  1. Visiting the branch
  2. Phone banking

Check application status via visiting the bank branch

You can always visit the HSBC bank branch to know the status of your credit card application. Make sure you take your credit card application registration number or form number along with you while visiting the branch as it will help the bank employee to assist you with the details of your credit card application.

Check application status via phone banking

The applicants can check their credit card by phone banking. Call on the customer care numbers from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm and wait to connect with the customer executive. On connecting with the executive request to share the credit card application status. Call on the following numbers;

Customer For residents within India For residents abroad
HSBC Personal Banking and credit cards 1800-267-3456

Status of HSBC Bank Credit Card Application

The possible HSBC Bank Credit Card application statuses that you can receive are;

    • On-Hold: You can receive the on-hold status of your credit card application status when Bank is not satisfied with the information furnished by you and need more information or documents to issue a credit card to you.
    • In-Progress: When the bank is still processing your application then you can get the in-progress status. It can take up to 10-15 days to process your credit card application.
    • Approved: This status is received when the bank after scrutinizing your application thoroughly accepts your application and issues the credit card.
    • Disapproved: Your application can be rejected on various factors like bad credit history, not meeting the eligibility requirement, multiple applications sent, etc. Then you can receive the disapproved status for your credit card application.
    • Dispatched: This status implies that your credit card application has been approved and the bank has dispatched it to your mailing address.

The bank will update you with the above-mentioned status through SMS also.


Unfortunately no, HSBC Bank does not provide online channels to check the credit card application status.

It is advisable to wait for 3 months from the rejection of application to reapply for the credit card.

You will receive the credit card within 7 working days after your credit card application is approved.

Yes, once your application status shows dispatched, you will receive the Airway Bill number on the registered number. Use the Airway bill number on the Bluedart or DHL courier website.

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