By Bharti Bisht
Updated On November 11, 2022

HDFC Bank is one of the most popular credit card issuers in India and HDFC Credit Cards have become a choice for millions of people due to the exciting features offered by the bank. In order to use a credit card properly and to get the maximum benefit out of it, one needs to be aware of lots of procedures, terms and conditions, and a lot of other things. Like every other major credit card issuer, HDFC Bank also provides its customers with an add-on credit card facility so that people with no income source or no credit history can also start their credit journey. The primary credit cardholders can get add-on credit cards for their family members and the supplementary cardholders can also avail of all the facilities of a credit card. Now, the first thing that needs to be done after getting an HDFC Bank add-on credit card is to activate the credit card or generate its PIN. In this article, we are going to discuss different ways to generate the PIN of HDFC bank add-on credit cards:

HDFC Add-On Credit Cards PIN Generation

How To Activate HDFC Bank Add-On Credit Cards?

Once you get approved for a credit card and it gets delivered to you, the first thing you need to do is to generate the PIN of your credit card. Many individuals might already be knowing how they can activate their credit cards, but some of you might be looking for an easy method to do it. The process of activating the supplementary credit cards is very similar to that of the primary credit cards. There are various online as well as offline methods to activate the PIN of HDFC Bank Add-On Credit Cards as discussed below in this article:

Online Methods of PIN Generation

Generating the PIN of a credit card online is much more convenient as it takes lesser time to get the required tasks done. The following are some of the best online ways that the HDFC Bank provides to its customers to generate their add-on credit cards PIN:

Via Internet Banking

Internet Banking has made almost all banking-related tasks easier nowadays and hence the activation and PIN generation is also a task of a few seconds with net banking. HDFC Bank Add-on Credit Cards can easily be activated via the internet banking account of the primary cardholders. The primary cardholders can follow a few simple steps as mentioned below in order to activate the add-on credit cards issued under their account:

  • Log in to your internet banking account.
  • Under the ‘Cards’ option, click on ‘Credit Cards.’
  • Scroll down to find the supplementary/add-on credit cards option.
  • Click on the credit card that you want to activate and add it to your account if it hasn’t been added yet.
  • Follow all the necessary steps and proceed further accordingly

By Contacting Customer Care

You can also get your credit card activated easily by contacting HDFC Bank Credit Card customer care. Just call on bank HDFC Bank’s helpline number 1860 266 033 from your registered mobile number and request the bank officials to help you with the PIN generation of your credit card. They will either guide you on the necessary steps that need to be followed or they will help you do it on the call itself.

Offline Methods

Apart from the online methods mentioned above, there are a few offline ways to generate the PIN of an HDFC Bank add-on Credit Card as mentioned below:


Activating a credit card or generation of its PIN becomes the easiest task when you do it through an ATM. You can simply follow the below-mentioned steps and the required task will be done in a few minutes:

  • Visit an HDFC Bank ATM nearest to you.
  • Insert your credit card into the machine.
  • From the main menu, find an option to generate a credit card PIN.
  • Follow the instruction given on the screen carefully.
  • Enter the 4-digit PIN that you want to set for your card. Make sure that it is not so easy for everyone to guess.

If you still find it difficult to activate your credit card for some reason, you can visit your nearest HDFC bank branch and ask the bank officials to help you understand the steps. they will definitely assist you in a great way.

HDFC Add-On Credit Cards PIN Change

Just like the PIN generation, there are different ways to change the PIN of the HDFC Bank add-on credit cards. The following are some of the most significant methods that you can use you change the PIN for your HDFC supplementary credit cards:

  • The easiest and the most convenient way to change your HDFC add-on credit card’s {IN is to do it via internet banking. You can easily find the option to manage supplementary credit cards under the ‘Credit Cards’ section on HDFC Bank’s app/net banking website.
  • Another way to change your credit card PIN is to do it via an ATM nearest to you. Just like activation, you can simply insert your credit card into the machine, find an option to generate/change your PIN, and follow the necessary steps.
  • You can also contact the bank’s customer care at 1860 266 033 and ask the bank officials to help you with your credit card PIN changing process.
  • The online chatbot EVA can also be used to get your credit card PIN changed. Just type ‘Credit Card PIN’ on the chatbox and send it. The online assistance EVA will surely help you out with this.

Bottom Line

Add-On Credit Cards are the best option for those who find it difficult to start their credit journey due to a lack of credit history or because of having no source of income. Many people nowadays want to start their credit journey with an HDFC Credit Card and supplementary credit cards can help you start your credit journey if your family members are having credit cards from the HDFC Bank. We hope that the information has been helpful for you to activate your HDFC add-on credit card.


There is no annual fee associated with HDFC add-on credit cards (for up to 3 credit cards).

You can call at 1860 266 033 for HDFC Bank Add-On Credit Cards PIN generation/change.

Yes, the HDFC Bank Add-On Credit Card PIN Generation can be done via the internet banking account of the primary cardholder