TC Cashback

The cashback program on the Card Insider app is operated by AM Tech Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to “Card Insider”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) for the users of the Card Insider app (hereafter referred to as “member(s)”  “you”, or “your” or “yours”).

By participating in the Card Insider cashback program, you voluntarily agree to the following terms and conditions and any discrepancy or dispute regarding the cashback program shall be resolved basis these terms and conditions.

  • To participate in the Card Insider cashback program, you must create an account on the Card Insider app by signing up on the app using a valid mobile number of yours.
  • The members shall be entitled to the cashback benefit against the first successful credit card application via the app- cashback amount as stipulated for a given credit card on the app.
  • The cashback benefit is applicable only if the credit card is applied for through the Card Insider app, subject to approval of the application by the card issuer.
  • The cashback benefit is applicable only for the first credit card application by a member, subject to issuance of the card by the card issuer.
  • A member shall be eligible for the cashback benefit only if they submit their credit card application to the card issuer using the same mobile number that was used while signing up on the Card Insider app.
  • We are not a party in the credit card application process and therefore hold no legal obligation with regards to the approval/disapproval of the credit card application by the card issuer.
  • The cashback amount is dependent on the amount of commission reported to us by the card issuer. Therefore, while we try to keep the information on the Card Insider app correct and up to date, the cashback amount can be greater than or less than the stipulated amount as mentioned on the app.
  • The cashback amount is subject to change without any prior intimation to the user.
  • The cashback shall be credited to the member’s account within 2 months from the date of credit card approval by card issuers and reported to us.
  • The cashback shall be disbursed to the member only after the credit card is issued and we are intimated by the card issuer regarding the same.
  • The cashback shall be disbursed to the member via UPI transfer or as gift voucher(s).
  • The offer, in its entirety, is executed by Card Insider. None of the card issuers have any ownership of the offer or hold any liability for the same.
  • The decision of Card Insider with regards to any dispute related to the offer including but not limited to determining the eligibility of a user for cashback and the amount of cashback shall be final.
  • Participation in the offer is entirely voluntary and it is understood that the participation by the member shall be deemed to have been made on a voluntary basis.
  • Card Insider reserves the right to terminate the offer at any point of time without any prior notice.
  • Any dispute with regards to the cashback program is subject to the jurisdiction of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh.
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