By Shubham Sharma
Updated On May 22, 2024

A credit limit is a set limit on your purchases made using your credit card. The customers are not allowed to spend beyond the respective credit limit. If the customers choose to spend beyond these set limits, then an overtime fee will be charged by the bank. RBL Bank cardholders can make requests to increase their credit limit. RBL Bank automatically provides credit enhancement to its eligible customers. In addition to this, you can directly request the bank to enhance your credit limit.
RBL Credit card limit Check Increase

How to Check your RBL Bank Credit Card Limit?

You can check your RBL Bank credit card limit using a variety of modes. You can request a credit limit increase via RBL netbanking account. You need to log into your internet banking account using your valid credentials. In addition to this, you can call the customer helpline number at +91 22 6232 7777. Moreover, you can also send mail to [email protected] to know about your credit limit.

Ways to Increase Your RBL Bank Credit Card Limit

The RBL bank customers can make a request to the RBL bank to review, increase or decrease their credit limit. To apply for this feature, you must be an existing customer of the bank for more than 6 months. You can request for credit limit increase using the below-stated methods

  • Pre-Approved Limit Enhancement
  • Through Direct Request

Pre-Approved Limit Enhancement

RBL bank periodically reviews the credit card account of their customer every once in a while. The bank will communicate through SMS with all the eligible cardholders to confirm their eligibility. You need to reply to the bank with your approval and a call will be scheduled by the bank to increase your credit limit. The cardholders need to make sure that they do not have any outstanding due on their account.

Through Direct Request

In case, you were not eligible for an automatic credit enhancement of their RBL Bank credit card. The customers can also reach out to the bank directly to make a request for credit limit enhancement. The customers can call customer care with their request for credit enhancement at this number  +91 22 6232 7777 or you can visit the nearest RBL bank branch. Your credit history shall be evaluated by the bank. Based on this evaluation, the bank shall be able to accept or reject your credit limit request.

Documents required to Increase your Credit Card Limit

The RBL cardholder needs to mention their 16-digit credit card number along with the document provided below

  • Last 2-month Salary Slips along with Bank statement stating salary credited
  • Latest Income Tax Return and acknowledgment receipt ITR V
  • Form 16 (both A and B)


You can reach out on this address [email protected] with your request related to their RBL Bank credit card.
You are recommended to wait for 6 months before making another request for credit limit enhancement.
You will not get charged with a processing fee on making a credit limit increase request