By Shubham Sharma
Updated On May 2, 2024

By paying off their outstanding credit card bill on time, customers can avoid adverse effects on their credit profile. RBL bank provides its customers with several convenient options to make their bill payments. Given below are bill payment methods you can follow to pay your outstanding credit card bill.

RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

How to Make your RBL Credit Card Bill Payments Online?

RBL Bank customers can pay their outstanding bills on credit cards through the payment methods mentioned below.


RBL credit card customers can make online payments of their outstanding credit card dues using net banking. You can make your RBL credit card bill payment by following the steps below.

Step 1: Log on to your RBL Bank net banking account.
Step 2: Choose the RBL Credit Card Payment tab
Step 3: Enter your credit card credentials and click on the “Pay” button.
Step 4: By selecting the ‘Credit Card Summary’ tab, you can see the minimum amount due as well as the total amount owed.


Through the NEFT facility, you can make your RBL credit card bill payment online with other bank accounts and get fast confirmation of your payment.

Step 1: Log onto your net banking account by entering your credentials
Step 2: Select NEFT as your preferred method of payment.
Step 3: Add RBL Bank credit card as payee by entering the required details

Step 4: After entering the required details, click on “Proceed”
Step 5: On completion, you shall receive a confirmation of your payment through NEFT transactions

Mobile Banking

  • You can also make your RBL Bank credit card payment using the RBL MyCard mobile app. Moreover, you can also manage your account, check the balance, and view credit card statements.
  • Download the RBL Bank MyCard Mobile App from Google Play Store (Android Users) and App Store (IOS Users)
  • After installing the app, get started by entering your username and password
  • View your credit card statement and Select the payment option.

Debit Card

Another convenient way of making your credit card bill payment online is through your debit card. Following these steps, you simply make your credit card payment online using a debit card.

Step 1-: Go to RBL Bank’s homepage.
Step 2-: Get started by clicking on the “Make Payments” tab
Step 3-: Choose the credit card payment option from the respective tab
Step 4-: Select payment via Debit card as the method of payment.
Step 5-: Your payment shall be processed by following payment gateways such as CC avenue, Razorpay, Billdesk
Step 6-: Select your payment gateway from the abovementioned options
Step 7-: Enter all the necessary card details and contact information related to your account

UPI Payment

You can also use your UPI-linked bank account to make payments for your outstanding credit card bills. UPI payments are a quick and hassle-free way to make payments. Below are mentioned some steps you can follow to make your credit card bill payment using UPI.

Step 1-: Log onto your RBL MyCard App by entering the necessary details related to your credit card account
Step 2-: Choose the Make Payment option
Step 3-: Select UPI as a preferred method of payment
Step 4-: Provide your Virtual payment address and verify
Step 5-: Click on Request to proceed
Step 6-: To authorize the request, go to the appropriate UPI-enabled app.

Standing Instruction

Using the standing instruction facility, the outstanding amount of your RBL credit card gets deducted and directed toward your credit card at the end of every month. The customer has to fill out a self-authorization form and submit it to [email protected] to activate the standing instruction service.

National Automated Clearing House Facility

You can simply pay off your outstanding credit card bills using the national automated clearing house facility. To avail of this facility, the customer needs to link their bank account to their RBL credit card.

How to Make your RBL Bank Credit Card Offline Payment?

RBL customer can also pay their outstanding credit card bill by visiting the nearest RBL Bank branch or ATM.

Cash Payment

You can also pay off your outstanding bill by visiting your nearest RBL Bank Branch and making the payment in person. You will be charged a fee of Rs 250+ GST on cash payment. You shall receive an acknowledgment related to the processing of payment.

Through Cheque Payment

You can also make your outstanding credit card bill payment through cheque payment. RBL customers can simply drop their cheques at a nearby RBL bank branch or ATM.


These are some methods of payment that you can use to pay your outstanding RBL Bank credit card bill. You can choose any payment method that seems suitable to you and avoid being charged late fees or interest on your outstanding amount.


RBL customers get charged with a processing fee of Rs 250 + GST on credit card bill payments using the cash payment method.
No, you do not get provided with a separate credit card statement on the add-on credit card.
Yes, you can pay off your minimum due balance using the bill payments methods mentioned above.
Yes, you can pay your RBL credit card outstanding dues by visiting a nearby ATM.