By Shubham Sharma
Updated On May 21, 2024

IndusInd Bank customers can request the bank to increase their credit limit. The bank either provides the customers with a pre-approved limit enhancement or through a direct request. You can simply request the bank for credit enhancement through internet banking, phone banking, or by visiting the nearest bank branch.
IndusInd Bank Credit Card Limit Check Increase

How Do I Check My IndusInd Bank Credit Card Limit?

You can check your IndusInd Bank credit card limit using a variety of modes. You can request a credit limit increase via the IndusInd netbanking account. You need to log into your internet or mobile banking using your valid credentials. In addition to this, you can also use phone banking to check the credit limit available on your credit card.

Ways to Increase Your IndusInd Bank Credit Card Limit

The IndusInd bank customers can make a request to the bank to review, increase or decrease their credit limit. You can request for credit limit increase using the below-stated methods

  • Pre-Approved Limit Enhancement
  • Through Direct Request

Pre-Approved Limit Enhancement

The IndusInd bank offers credit enhancement to selected customers on their credit cards after reviewing their credit history. The bank will communicate through SMS with all the eligible cardholders to confirm their eligibility. You can reply to the bank with your acceptance of the offer and a call will be scheduled by the bank to increase your credit limit. The cardholders need to make sure that they do not have any outstanding dues or any late payments on their account.

Through Direct Request

Also, you can directly request the bank to increase the credit limit on your credit card. You can either use phone banking or can visit the nearest bank branch with your queries.  The customers can call customer care with their request for credit enhancement at this number 1860 500 5004/1800 209 0061/022 4406 6666 or you can visit the nearest IndusInd bank branch. The bank shall evaluate your credentials based on which your request shall be approved or disapproved by the bank.

How Can I Increase Credit Limit on My Credit Card?

You can follow the below-stated instruction to increase the credit limit on my credit card using various modes.

Phone Banking: The IndusInd Bank customers can call 1860 500 5004/1800 209 0061/022 4406 6666 with their request to increase the credit limit on their credit card. You will be required to mention your credit card number and PIN details with the customer executive. The bank shall validate your credit card.

Netbanking: The customers can follow the below-mentioned instructions to login into their netbanking account.

Step 1: Get started by logging into your netbanking account
Step 2: Select your credit card and you shall be redirected to the credit card page
Step 3: Go to the service request option and click the upgrade option
Step 4: You can follow the below-stated instruction to increase your credit limit

Visit the Branch: You can also visit the branch with your required documents at your nearest bank branch and request credit limit enhancement.


Yes, using your netbanking services you can check your credit card limit.
Yes, the bank charges over-limit fees on spending beyond the provided credit limit.
Yes, you can request the bank to decrease your credit limit.
No, your credit score will not get affected by getting your credit card limit decreased. The credit score gets affected when you do not pay your credit card bills on time.