By Divya Shokeen
Updated On May 20, 2024

To keep up with your credit card bill payment, ICICI Bank provides various channels to pay the credit card bills. Timely payment of credit card bills helps in building a good credit score. ICICI Bank as compared to other banks provides a decent number of modes of credit card bill payment. Here is a list of online and offline modes of payment provided by the card issuer:

ICICI Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

Online modes to pay ICICI Bank credit card bills

Online mode is the most convenient way to choose for making payments. You can pay your ICICI Bank credit card bills from anywhere and anytime. Following are the modes you can opt for online payment of ICICI Bank credit card bills;

ICICI Bank credit card bill payment through ICICI Internet Banking

This mode of payment is the fastest and hassle-free. For the payment of the ICICI credit card bill follow the steps given hereafter.

How to pay ICICI Bank credit card bill payment through ICICI Netbanking
Step 1: Visit the ICICI Bank official website and log in to your internet banking account.
Step 2: Now go to credit cards under the cards & loan in the menu.
Step 3: Select your credit card and pay the bill.

ICICI Bank Credit Card bill payment through NEFT from other bank accounts

ICICI Bank also allows you to make your credit card bill payment using the NEFT facility. You can easily pay your ICICI bank credit card bill from other banks which provide NEFT payment mode. You need to register your credit card and add the IFSC code for ICICI Bank while making an NEFT fund transfer in lieu of a credit card bill. This mode of payment can be used by both ICICI Bank customers and non-customers.

Step By Step guide for NEFT payment:
Step 1: If you do not have an account in ICICI Bank then you can log in to your respective bank’s net banking account.
Step 2: From the Payments and Transfer section choose the NEFT method.
Step 3: Add your name, ICICI Bank credit card account number, IFSC ICIC0000004, and address under the beneficiary details.
Step 4: Select the ICICI Bank credit card beneficiary and pay your credit card bill.
Payee Name ICICI Bank
Payee Account Number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bank Name ICICI Bank
Payee Account Type Credit Card
IFSC Code IFSC ICIC0000004
Branch Address: ICICI Bank Tower, Near Chakli Circle, Old Padra Road, Vadodara, Gujarat, Pin Code -390007

ICICI Bank Credit Card bill payment using Click to Pay method

To clear your credit card outstanding or any other loan taken from the ICICI Bank, use this payment mode. This method is available for both ICICI Bank customers and non-customers.

Step By Step Procedure for Click to Pay:
Step 1: Go to ‘ICICI click to pay page’ and scroll down to ‘select bank’.
Step 2: Select the bank you would wish to pay your credit card bill from. On selecting the bank you will be redirected to a third-party page and then click on I Agree.
Step 3: Now a payment page will open, fill in all the required fields like card type, ICICI Bank Credit Card No., Registered mobile number, e-mail id, and payment amount. After payment filling in all the details click on ‘Pay Now’. The bill amount will reflect in your credit card account in 3 working days.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Bill Payment using Wallet-based apps

You can pay the ICICI Bank credit card outstanding amount through various wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe. The wallet-based payment service providers are convenient to use, you just need to follow the steps given by the service providers and make the payment. It will take somewhere around 3 days for the payment to get credited to your account. To know how you can make ICICI Bank Credit Card bill payments through mobile wallets, click here.

ICICI Bank Credit Card bill payment using Scan to Pay method

Make credit card bill payments using scan to pay. It is extremely quick as compared to other methods. For this method, you need to download the iMobile app, enter the credit card number, a QR code will be generated, scan the QR code and complete the payment process. It will take seconds for the bill amount to get credited from your account. For more details view.

Steps to pay ICICI Bank credit card bill payment through Scan and Pay Method:
Step 1: To begin with, you need to visit the ICICI Bank Scan and Pay page and click on Proceed.
Step 2: Enter your credit card number twice and click on verify.
Step 3: Enter the ICICI Bank credit card due amount and click on generate QR Code.
Step 4: Open any UPI enabled app or BHIM app on your phone and scan the QR code.
Step 5: After scanning the QR Code click on proceed.

You will receive the confirmation message after the successful payment.

ICICI Bank Credit Card bill payment through Electronic Clearing Service

You can choose this service for automatic deduction of bill amount from your savings account. You can choose to pay the full amount in one go or the minimum amount. To enable this service you can either visit the bank or contact the customer service on 1860 120 7777.

Offline modes to pay credit card bills

Offline methods are old-fashioned but most reliable. You don’t have to worry about any online frauds while opting for this mode of payment. You can visit the nearest bank branch and make the payment or contact the customer care executive. Here are the offline methods you can opt for making the credit card bill payment;

Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card bill through ATM

You can visit the nearest ICICI Bank ATM to clear your dues. A processing fee is charged on making bill payments using the ATM method. The bill payment can be made through a debit card also. The best thing about the ATM bill payment method is that the bill amount will be credited instantly from your debit card.

Step By Step Procedure:
Step 1: Visit the nearest ICICI ATM and insert your debit card into the ATM machine.
Step 2: Now select your preferred language and then enter your debit card pin.
Step 3: From the Main Menu select “More Options”
Step 4: Now click on the loan/credit card payment option and choose ICICI Bank Credit Card.
Step 5: Enter your ‘credit card number’ and click on ‘Yes’.

Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Bill through Cheque/Cash

You can write a cheque and deposit it either by visiting the nearest ICICI Bank branch or dropping it in the ATM dropbox. You can also clear your dues by depositing the cash directly at the bank’s counter. A processing fee will be charged on clearing dues using this method.

Bottom Line:

ICICI bank no doubt offers plenty of methods to pay your credit card bill on time. The best options can be scan to pay, wallet-based payment, and click to pay. With these options, you can easily pay off your ICICI Bank credit card bill within no time. Apart from these, internet banking is also the best option to go for as you can pay your credit bill amount from anywhere and anytime. Paying credit card bills on time can prove to be fruitful to you in the future only as it makes you creditworthy and credit card issuers easily issue a new credit card to you.


Yes, currently BHIM application only allows the transfer of funds up to Rs. 10,000 per transaction and you can only make payment of a maximum of Rs. 20,000 per day. Check here.
Yes, depending upon the transaction amount the charges can range between Rs. 2.25 - Rs. 24.75 plus applicable taxes.
It will take at least 3 working days for the payment to reflect. It is advisable to pay your outstanding 3 days prior to the due date in order to avoid late fee charges.
You can call on a toll-free number 1860 120 7777 and follow the IVR instructions, choose to connect with the customer care executive and ask for deduction of the due bill.
No, it is not necessary, you can pay your credit card bill without registration also. You have to log in to internet banking using your user id and password. After that go to payment and transfer and choose ‘quick to pay’ and proceed with the credit card bill payment.