By Divya Shokeen
Updated On January 12, 2024

Credit Cards have made it really easy for the public to borrow funds anytime and from anywhere. The applicants while applying for a credit card has to provide income proof depending on which the bank approves a credit allowance limit. Credit Limit is the maximum fund borrowing amount approved by the bank to the credit cardholder. HDFC Bank has kept different credit limits on different credit cards. Entry-level credit cards have a lower credit limit as compared to super-premium credit cards. The credit limit depends on your purchasing power and the capacity to repay timely. The credit cardholders are charged an over-limit fee on exhausting the provided credit limit. Read on to know the details of the HDFC Bank Credit Cards limit and how you can increase it.
HDFC Bank Credit card limit

Ways to increase the credit limit on HDFC Credit Card

If the credit card holder is not satisfied with the credit limit of their credit card then they can increase the credit limit. HDFC Bank has provided two ways to enhance/increase the credit limit. They are:

  1. Pre-approved Limit enhancement offer.
  2. By direct requesting the bank

Pre-approved Limit Enhancement Offer

The credit cardholders are required to keep their dues all the time so that HDFC Bank can approach them directly and offer them a pre-approved limit enhancement offer. The offers this benefit only to the selected credit cardholders who are eligible for it. Your credit card usage and timely repayment of credit card dues can actually play a great role in receiving this offer. You can accept the offer in three ways:

  • Net Banking
  • Phone Banking

Accepting the pre-approved limit enhancement offer through Net Banking

Customers can use their net banking account to accept the offer in just 3 easy steps:

Step1: Go to HDFC Bank’s official website and log in to your account using their User ID & password.
Step 2: From the menu click on credit cards.
Step 3: From the given menu click on card upgrade with enhancement.
Step 4: Select the card for which the offer is visible and click on continue.

The pre-approved limit enhancement offer acceptance will be sent to the HDFC Bank immediately and you will the confirmation message of the same.

Accepting the pre-approved limit enhancement offer through Phone Banking

To accept the offer you need to call on the 24×7 toll-free customer care number 1800-266-4332. On calling the customer care number request to get connected with the customer care agent, after connecting with the agent provide the necessary details and tell them about the received offer of pre-approved limit enhancement and that you would like to accept the offer. The agent will do the needful work from their side and you will receive the confirmation message of the offer acceptance.

Directly Requesting the Credit Limit Increase

Customers can seek an increase in their credit card limit directly from HDFC Bank, based on their credit card usage and repayment ability. There is no requirement that you obtain a pre-approved limit enhancement offer from the bank in order to extend your credit limit. You can call the customer service number 1800-180-1290 or visit the nearest HDFC Bank Branch. Submit your request for a higher limit to the agent, who will check your eligibility. The agent will ask you to submit the soft copy of income documents through the Bank’s online portal or to submit the hard copy personally to the bank.

Documents to be submitted for a credit limit enhancement

For a revision of your credit limit, you must provide the following income papers to determine whether you can handle a larger limit. The following documents must be submitted either in soft copy through the mail or in hard copy by visiting the branch:

  • Salary Slips of last two months
  • Form 16
  • Income Tax Returns IV

You can also send the above-mentioned documents with a written letter for the increase of the credit limit via post to the given below address by dropping them in the nearest dropbox.

HDFC Bank Cards Division,
PO Box#8654,
Thiruvanmiyur, P.O.
Chennai – 600041


No, credit score and credit limit are not co-related. The credit score will not be affected if you get your credit card limit increased.
The credit cardholder will be able to make big purchases in a given period of time.
Yes, on exceeding the credit limit the bank charges an over-limit fee.
When you apply for a credit card, depending on your income, the card issuer will fix a credit limit. This can vary from individual to individual.