HDFC Bank is a big and well-known bank in India that helps people with their money needs. It’s where you can save money, get loans to buy houses or cars, and use credit or debit cards. This bank is famous for taking good care of its customers and for coming up with new ways to make banking easy and convenient. No matter where you are in India, you’ll likely find HDFC Bank’s branches or machines where you can get cash, which means banking with them is pretty straightforward and hassle-free.

Changes to HDFC Bank Debit Cards from 1st August 2024

From August 1, 2024, HDFC Bank will update its debit card charges, covering even the discontinued variants. The June 25, 2024, announcement introduces revised charges for various debit card types. For instance, Platinum Debit Cards will now attract an annual fee of ₹850 plus GST, whereas before, the charges of the joining fee were ₹500. Similarly, fees for other cards have been adjusted accordingly, with charges for replacement or re-issuance set at ₹200 plus applicable taxes. Options range from premium Platinum to cost-free ATM Cards, which serve diverse customer needs.

New Fees and Charges for HDFC Debit Card
Debit Card Variant Annual/Renewal/ Add-on Card Fee Replacement Charges
Platinum Debit Card ₹850+GST Replacement/Reissuance Charges for

Debit Cards – Rs. 200 + applicable taxes

Times Points Debit Card ₹650+GST
Millennia Debit Card ₹500+GST
Rewards Debit Card ₹500+GST
Business Debit Card ₹350+GST
Woman’s Advantage Debit Card ₹200+GST
Rupay Premium Debit Card ₹200+GST
Money Back Debit Card ₹300+GST
Rupay NRO Debit Card ₹200+GST
ATM Card Free+GST
                              Phased Out Variants
Gold Debit Card ₹750+GST
Titanium Royale Debit Card ₹400+GST
Titanium Debit Card ₹250+GST
Pro-Gold Debit Card ₹250+GST
EasyShop Debit Card ₹150+GST
NRO Debit Card ₹150+GST

As of the latest update on 25th June 2024, the HDFC Bank has introduced some updates regarding the fees associated with their debit card usage. A notable change is that issuing an ATM PIN, which previously cost ₹50 with taxes, is now free. This makes it more convenient and cost-effective for users to generate a new PIN or change their existing one using NetBanking and MobileBanking services. Also, the bank has updated its policy on decline charges for insufficient balances at non-HDFC Bank ATMs and international merchant outlets or websites. Previously, each declined transaction due to insufficient funds was charged ₹25 plus applicable taxes. Cardholders must know these adjustments to manage their finances better and avoid unexpected fees.

Bottom Line

HDFC Bank has announced important debit card fee updates effective August 1, 2024. These changes will affect annual fees, card replacement costs, and other charges. The bank has also introduced a no-fee PIN generation process, providing added convenience to its customers. It’s important for everyone using these cards to stay informed about these updates to better manage their expenses.

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