By Kartik Kanwar
Updated On January 10, 2024

Credit cards are some of the most beneficial financial tools available at present. Besides offering credit, these can be used to avail great offers and discounts. However, these cards have a pre-determined spending limit. AU Bank also issues credit cards with a set limit to its customers, but you can always request an increase in your credit limit. If you choose to exceed the limit, an overtime fee will be charged. While assigning you a credit limit, many factors are kept in mind, like your age, income, credit history, and loan history. AU Bank super premium credit cards would have a higher limit than entry-level credit cards.

Here are some ways you can increase your AU Bank credit card limit.
Increase AU Bank Credit Card Limit

How to Increase AU Bank Credit Card Limit?

You should maintain a healthy credit score in order to be eligible for a credit card limit increase. The following are some of the ways through which you can get an AU Bank credit card limit increase.

  • Clear your AU Bank Credit Card bills in full and on time. Avoid paying just the minimum amount due.
  • Try to keep your overall credit utilization low. It is said that 30% and below credit usage is the most optimum.
  • Repay existing loans on time without missing any payments.
  • If your income has increased, please make sure to provide evidence of the change to your card provider.
  • Using your card regularly and making timely payments can help build your credit history and demonstrate your creditworthiness.

All of the above shall lead to an increase in your credit score, which would yield a higher limit for your AU Bank Credit Card.

How to Check/Apply for an AU Bank Credit Card Limit Enhancement?

Through App

You can also check your AU 0101 mobile banking application to see if you are eligible for any credit card limit increase.

Visit Your Nearest AU Bank Branch

To extend your credit limit, you can visit the nearest branch of AU Bank. When you visit the branch, make sure to bring all the necessary documentation with you. The bank will process your request based on the papers you provide. Please note that your credit limit will only be extended if your income statement is in good standing and you have never missed any credit card payment.

Contact Customer Care

Contact AU Bank customer support and discuss your credit limit with them. If you are eligible for any credit limit increase, then you shall receive it. You can call them at 1800 1200 1500 (Toll-free number) or write to them at [email protected].


A higher credit card limit would make it easier for you to cover your expenses. Whether it’s for day-to-day purchases or unexpected bills, having a larger credit limit can provide you with more financial flexibility. Not only this, but a higher credit card limit would also reduce your credit utilization ratio, which would increase your credit score. Pay your dues on time, follow the necessary best practices and you shall become eligible for a credit card limit increase. However, the best method to increase your limit is to increase your income. An increased income would attract many lucrative offers.


A credit card limit is the amount you can spend in a statement cycle without incurring any charges. It is vital to understand your credit limit as it defines the highest amount you can spend with your credit card. Going over the limit can have serious consequences.
Your AU Bank Credit Card limit shall be mentioned in your welcome kit along with your card. Additionally, you can check your monthly statements or contact AU Bank customer care to check your credit limit.
Yes, the add-on cardholder shall have the same limit as the primary holder.