By Divya Shokeen
Updated On May 17, 2024

American Express is a multinational financial service corporation that works towards providing the world’s best customer experiences every day. From providing financial help and credit cards to a strong customer support base, it has made a strong marketplace.  If your Amex credit card application gets approved, the American Express card issuer sends you your credit card in a deactivated form. It also provides ways to activate your credit card through various channels. Keep reading to know more about how you can generate or change your Amex credit card PIN.
American Express Credit Card PIN Generation

Ways to Create an Amex Credit Card PIN

The American Express card issuer provides your Amex app,  American Express Online Services, and Interactive Voice Response System for creating an Amex credit card 4-digit PIN.

Amex App

Amex App is a user-friendly app that has an easy-to-understand interface. It allows you to create a PIN in 3 easy steps. Keep on reading to learn the steps on how you can create your Amex credit card PIN through the Amex App.

Step 1: Download the Amex mobile banking app and log in to your account.
Step 2: Click on the Account tab and then on the Manage Card Pin.
Step 3: Select the Create PIN option and complete the PIN setup procedure.

American Express Online services

To avail of the American Express Online Services, you need to register your credit card for the net banking services from the American Express official registration webpage. After registration, you can go to the American Express Login page. If you are already registered for the American Express Online services then you can directly go to the login page.

Step 1: Log in to your internet banking account using your user ID and password.
Step 2: After logging in to your account, click on the Account Management tab.
Step 3: Select the Create Pin option and generate your credit card PIN.
American Express Online services


The customers can find the customer care number on the backside of their credit card. Call that number and follow the instructions of the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR). You can get in touch with a customer care executive and request to create a 4-digit PIN.

Ways to Change Amex Credit Card PIN

Credit cardholders get 2 options, that is, the Amex app and American Express Online Services Account, to change their Amex credit card PIN.

Amex App

The Amex credit cardholders can use the Amex app to change their credit card PIN as many times as they want. There is no set limit provided by American Express as to how many times you can change your credit card PIN.

Step 1: Open the Amex app and log in to your account.
Step 2: From the Account tab, click on ‘Manage Card PIN’.
Step 3: Now select the ‘Change PIN’ and change your credit card PIN.

American Express Online Services Account

With an online service account, you can change your credit card PIN from anywhere and at any time. It is convenient to use and less time-consuming. For this method, you must have an internet connection. Hereunder are the steps to change your credit card PIN using the American Express Online Service Account.

Step 1: Log in to your Internet net banking from the American Express Official Login Page.
Step 2: Go to the Account Management tab and click on the Change PIN option.
Step 3: Change your PIN.


American Express card issuer has not given this facility to the primary cardholder to change the PIN of supplementary cards. However, the supplementary cardholders can change their PIN by logging into their online service account.
After changing your Amex credit card PIN, you need to make an offline transaction, insert your credit card into the checkout terminal, and use your old PIN for the last time. Your new PIN will be activated for use.
No, you need to insert your credit card at the checkout terminal so that your new PIN can be activated.
No, for an Amex credit card, you do not require a PIN to make an online transaction.