American Express Credit Card Limit

A Credit Limit is a capped limit per transaction on your spends made using your credit card. American Express provides various modes through which the cardholders can get the credit limit increased on their credit card. You can either get an automatic credit limit enhancement on your American Express credit card or you can ask directly via email. Apart from this, American  Express customers can also request a temporary credit limit increase based on their requirements.
American Express credit card limit check and increase

How Do I Check My Credit Limit?

One can check the credit limit of their American Express credit card by viewing their monthly statement. You can view this statement online or simply turn on a notification on the American Express app. Whenever you make a purchase over your fixed limit the alert is sent on your mobile.

Ways to Increase your American Express Credit Card Limit

The American Express credit cardholders can make a request to get their credit limit increased or decreased by using the credit limit enhancement feature. To use this, one must be the customer for more than 6 months of the bank. Following are the methods by which you can get your credit limit increased:

  • Pre-Approved Limit Enhancement
  • Through Direct Request
  • Temporary Credit Limit Increase

Pre-Approved Limit Enhancement

The American Express cardholders can get an automatic limit increase with the periodic review conducted for the eligible customers. If you are eligible for a limit increase the bank shall communicate with you through SMS. The customer should not have any default payments on their account to be eligible for limit enhancement. Cardholders with strong credit history automatically get a limit increase once in a while every 6 to 12 months.

Through Direct Request

If you didn’t get an automatic credit limit enhancement offer on your American Express credit card, then can always reach out to American Express customer care with your concern to get the credit limit increased . You can ask for a credit card limit increase online or you can call the customer care helpline. You will be asked to mention all the essential information linked to your accounts such as gross income, employment status, and rental payments. Alternatively, you can also mail at [email protected] along with the required documents.

Temporary Credit Limit Increase

American Express cardholders can also get a temporary credit limit increase on their AmEx card. Credit enhancement is available to customers only in certain cases. If the cardholder requires a large sum of money they can apply for a temporary limit enhancement. There are no charges for the limit increase request and your credit limit shall be raised temporarily.

Documents required to Increase your Credit Card Limit

The American Express cardholders are required to mention their 16-digit credit card number along with the document provided below

  • Last 2-month Salary Slips and a Bank statement stating salary credited
  • Latest Income Tax Return along with acknowledgment receipt ITR V
  • Form 16 (A and B both )
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