The Tata Neu Credit Cards have become everyone’s favorite. They offer great discounts/offers on purchases made with Tata brands and also allow users to earn NeuCoins on UPI transactions. Both the Infinity and Neu Plus credit cards are available on the RuPay network and can be used to make payments through UPI. Both these cards have a maximum limit of 500 NeuCoins per month for UPI transactions.  Tata Neu Credit Card Devaluation In an effort to encourage spending on the Tata Neu app, both cards have undergone a soft devaluation. The previous rewards rate for UPI transactions will now only be awarded if the transaction is made through Tata Neu UPI. All other UPI transactions will now receive a reduced reward rate.

The following changes shall be applicable from 1st August 2024.

Cards Previous Reward Earning  New Reward Earning (Other Than Tata Neu UPI) Rewards on Tata Neu UPI
Tata Neu Plus 1% 0.25% 1%
Tata Neu Infinity 1.5% 0.50% 1.5%

Tata Neu Credit Card Devaluation

Shall I Get Transactions for All UPI Transactions?

No NeuCoins shall be awarded for the following transactions made via UPI.

  • Fuel Spends
  • Wallet Loads/Gift or Prepaid Card Load/Voucher Purchase
  • Cash Advances
  • Payment of Outstanding Balances
  • Smart EMI
  • Rental and Government Related Transactions

How Shall the Reward Points Be Credited?

The bank will credit 0.5% or 0.25% back as NeuCoins for all eligible UPI transactions to the credit card account. An additional 1% or 0.75% back for transactions made using Tata Neu UPI ID will be credited to Tata Neu account immediately upon completion, and will be available for use after 30 days.

Bottom Line

These new changes to Tata Neu Plus and Infinity Credit Card can be termed a soft devaluation. It is clear that the motive behind these changes is to direct transactions towards the Tata Neu app. Now, those with the Tata Neu UPI ID shall receive higher NeuCoins than those who make UPI transactions via other platforms like Google Pay, PhonePe, Cred, etc. Although this is no huge change many might feel uncomfortable in changing their UPI platforms.

There are several other cards that can be linked to UPI and offer generous rewards on transactions. However, the Tata Neu series offers the highest limit of 500 Neu Coins, while others offer much lower limits. For example, AU Bank InstaPay Credit Card earns Rs. 100 cashback in a statement cycle.

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