SBI Card and the RuPay network are both indigenous innovations. While SBI has long been known for its wide variety of credit cards, RuPay Credit Cards have established their stronghold in our country as they are currently the only ones that can be linked to UPI applications. SBI Card has now started issuing the SBI Prime and SBI Elite Credit Cards on the RuPay network to offer more convenience to its existing customers and a better choice for new ones.

SBI Prime and Elite Credit Cards Now On RuPay Network With the introduction of RuPay to SBI Prime and Elite, they can be easily linked to UPI applications like Google Pay, Paytm, and PhonePe and used to make easy, fast, and secure payments to merchants and vendors. RuPay Credit Cards cannot be used to send money to personal contacts.

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You can now easily change your credit card network for both of these cards by calling customer care (via IVR).

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Both the SBI Prime and Elite are popular cards. The SBI Prime Card has an annual fee of Rs. 2,999, while the SBI Elite is a premium card with an annual fee of Rs. 4,999. Existing cardholders have the option to convert their cards to the RuPay network (via IVR), enabling easy transactions from their chosen UPI app. Those applying for the new SBI Prime and Elite Cards can take advantage of this and apply for the same.

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  1. Abhishek chatterjee Reply

    SBI BPCL Octane Credit Card Now Also Available On RuPay JCB Network.

    You can now easily change your SBI BPCL Octane Visa network to RuPay by calling customer care (via IVR).

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