We often forget that amidst all the news of devaluations and changing features, there are new, exciting, and rewarding credit cards being introduced every now and then. Recently, we revealed that Axis Bank might soon launch their new super-premium Primus credit card. Now, we have news of another card launch by IDFC First Bank.

IDFC Bank Set to Launch the New “FIRST EA₹N Credit Card”

The bank will soon launch the FIRST EA₹N credit card. This will be a secured credit card available for a fee of ₹499. To avail of the card, individuals can make a fixed deposit of ₹5,000 or more. An interesting feature of this card is that individuals will have to pay for a fixed deposit after opening a digital credit card account, and the amount paid will become the credit limit.

What We Know So Far?

Here are some of the features which are known about the new and upcoming “FIRST EA₹N Credit Card”.

  • Joining/Renewal Fee – ₹499 + GST
  • FIRST EA₹N Add On Credit Card Fee – Zero
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver – Not Applicable
  • Over Limit Charges – None

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How to Get the IDFC FIRST EA₹N Credit Card

When the card is officially available you can follow the steps given below to apply for it.

Apply for the Card

You would need to apply for this card on the official IDFC application page.

Complete Video-KYC

  • You shall require your PAN Card for this step.
  • Once your Video-KYC with IDFC Bank is successfully completed, the bank will open your “FIRST EA₹N Credit Card” (digital account).

Create a Fixed Deposit Online

  • Make your first payment (more than ₹5,000) to your “FIRST EA₹N Credit Card.”
  • This payment will be converted into a Fixed Deposit linked to your credit card.
  • Remember, the first payment amount will be the value of your FD and also your credit limit. So, you shall have to pay the amount you want as your new credit limit.

Activate Your Card

  • Your “FIRST EA₹N Credit Card” will be activated once the FD is successfully created.

Bottom Line

Secured credit cards are safe, easy to avail of, and a boon for beginners and defaulters alike. They can be used to improve or even begin our credit journey, allowing us to pursue better options in the future. For some time, there were not many secured credit cards available, but now the list has some universally popular credit cards like the OneCard. There also have been new introductions like the AU Nomo credit card and now the FIRST EA₹N Credit Card. The First EA₹N card comes at a joining fee of ₹499, which is quite affordable. As of now, the full features of the card have not been revealed, but IDFC Bank is going to launch it soon.

One of the main features of the card is that it can be obtained with a Fixed Deposit of ₹5,000 or more, and the payment can be easily made online.

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