There are a variety of credit cards available in the market. Along with credit cards generally being known as plastic currency, there are other types of cards in the market known as metal cards. These metal credit cards are literally made from metal. Metal credit cards are quite different from normal plastic credit cards not just in appearance but in many other ways as well. These metal credit cards provide some best-in-class services such as great reward points, luxurious travel experiences, access to prestigious banking benefits, access to domestic and international lounges, and access to places where only particular members are allowed. Now as the features and benefits of a metal credit card are quite different from a plastic credit card, in the same way, the method of disposing of a metal credit card is different from the way in which we dispose of a plastic credit card.

How to Dispose Off Metal Credit Cards

In this article, we are going to discuss the ways in which we can dispose of a metal credit card. Disposing of a credit card when you don’t intend to use it anymore, is a nice idea. It will prevent your card from falling into wrong hands thus saving you from any type of identity theft or fraud. Traditionally, it is quite easy to dispose of plastic cards as all you need is a pair of scissors to cut the credit card into two pieces but it is not the same in the case of metal credit cards. No scissors or cutters are useful when you try to dispose of a metal credit card. Keep reading the article to know more about disposing of a metal credit card.

Ways to dispose of a metal credit card

While on one hand where the metal credit cards offer a wide variety of exciting offers, deals, and value-added benefits to their customers, the maintenance and annual charges of these credit cards are quite high and sometimes become unaffordable to the customers. Hence, they either change their credit card issuer or apply for a downgraded version of the card. Or you may even have to dispose of one because it might have expired. In all cases, you will have to dispose of your existing credit card before shifting to a new one. Following are a few ways in which you can do the same –

Return it to the card issuer

The most effective and appropriate way to destroy your expired or otherwise not in use metal credit card is to return it to the issuer bank. When you receive a new credit card, along with it, you might receive a pre-paid postage envelope in which you have to return your existing credit card to the issuer for disposal or recycling purposes. If you have not received any envelope, you may call on the numbers mentioned on the back of the credit card and ask them to guide you about the disposal.

You can also take the credit card to the nearest bank branch and request the bank officials to guide you in a proper manner regarding the disposal. The officials might destroy it on their own or may send the card to the concerned department on your behalf for disposal.

Store your card in a safe place

Another method is that you can store the credit card in a very safe place. People generally throw their unused credit cards in some drawers but that is not the appropriate way. The card might reach some unwanted hands and you might be a victim of identity theft. Hence, if you wish to dispose of your credit card at your home, you have to make sure that the credit card is stored and kept at a place that is not accessible to anybody but you. This will reduce the chances of a security lapse of your credit card.

Destroy it on your own

While it might be difficult to dispose of a metal credit card on your own, it is not impossible. Though regular scissors might not come in handy in completing this task, you can use a drilling machine or a burning torch to complete this action. These tools will help you in disposing of the credit card on your own.

Bottom Line

Disposing of a metal credit card is more complex than a plastic credit card. Though it is complex but not impossible. One of the most appropriate methods to dispose of metal credit cards is to send them back to the issuer company or ask the customer care of the respective bank by calling on the numbers mentioned on the back side of the credit card about the disposal process. Also, unused cards should never be thrown away in the drawers as your cards might fall prey to some unwanted hands. Another thing is that you should make sure that the rewards and earnings related to the particular card are redeemed before disposing of the credit cards.

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