Credit Cards nowadays come with various types of rewards and benefits that attract customers more than the credit limit itself. Many people believe in having multiple credit cards so that they can earn more and more rewards. Different card issuers offer different types of rewards to their credit cardholders and different redemption processes for all of them. If you are a multiple credit cardholder, you might have wondered whether it is possible to combine all your reward points or not. In this article, we are going to make you understand how you can combine your credit card rewards.

how to combine credit card points

In general, combining your credit card rewards is possible only if you have credit cards from the same issuer. But, there are some other cases when you can get all your reward points combined and redeem them together. To understand all of them, keep reading the article:

Different Cases in Which Credit Card Rewards Can Be Combined

Following are some of the major cases in which it is possible to combine your reward points earned through different credit cards:

Case 1 – Credit Cards From The Same Issuer

If you have more than one credit card from the same issuer, you can get all your earned rewards combined, provided that both cards offer similar rewards. For example, if you have SimplySave as well as SimplyClick Credit Card from the SBI Card, you can redeem your reward points earned using both cards together by logging in to your net banking account. This is possible because both these cards offer general reward points with similar redemption options.

However, if you have a card that offers cashback and another card that offers reward points/miles, it is generally difficult to combine your rewards as the rewards are of different types in this case.

Case 2 – Similar Co-Branded Credit Cards

Many card issuers offer co-branded credit cards with some popular brands/businesses, like Intermiles, Emirates Airlines, and many more. Even if these types of cards are issued by different card issuers, their redemption processes are generally the same and the rewards earned by these cards can be combined together. Let us understand the same using a few examples as mentioned below:

Intermiles Co-Branded Credit Cards

Two of the most popular card issuers in India, HDFC Bank, and ICICI Bank, issue credit cards in partnership with Some of the popular intermiles co-branded cards are: Intermiles HDFC Bank Signature Credit Card, Intermiles ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card, and Intermiles ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card. All these cards reward you in the form of intermiles that are automatically credited to your intermiles account and can be redeemed against various travel-related options from there.

Now, if you have more than one intermiles co-branded credit card (one from HDFC Bank and another from the ICICI Bank), you earned intermiles from both the cards will be credited to your intermiles account. And if your intermiles registered mobile number is the same as that registered with the HDFC & ICICI Bank, you can find all your earned intermiles in one place. These intermiles can be redeemed together against any available option, irrespective of the credit card or the card issuer.

Emirates Skywards Co-Branded Credit Cards

ICICI Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, both offer credit cards in partnership with the popular Emirates Airlines. Both these cards earn you rewards in the form of Skywards Miles, which are automatically credited to the cardholders’ Emirates Skywards account. If anyone has more than one Emirates co-branded credit card, they can use all their earned miles together from their Emirates account.

Case 3 – Different Credit Cards Providing Similar Redemption Options

Some credit cards from the same issuer, or from different issuers, offer similar redemption options and hence it becomes possible to combine their rewards. For example, most of the HDFC Bank Credit Cards and IndusInd Credit Cards offer reward points that can be redeemed against intermiles. So, if you have a general rewards credit card from these two issuers, you can combine your earned points by converting them into intermiles and then redeeming them together against travel-related options.

Also, many card issuers allow their credit cardholders to redeem their earned points against Amazon vouchers. So, even if you have two or more credit cards from different issuers, you can check if this redemption option is available with them. If it is possible to redeem your reward points from different cards against Amazon vouchers, you can simply go for it. And then use your Amazon Pay balance against anything you want.

Bottom Line

Now, we hope that you have understood when and how is it possible to combine your credit card rewards. It is the easiest when you have similar cards from the same card issuer and complicated when you have different types of credit cards from different issuers. It is always a good idea to combine your rewards, if it is possible, as it helps you redeem all of them against an option of your choice and you can save more. However, you should make sure that you are maximizing your benefits from all your credit cards by using them responsibly and redeeming your earned points against the most beneficial category.

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