If you often travel via flight, you must have heard of Intermiles.com, where one can earn miles and redeem them against travel, shopping, and several other options. There are several ways to earn intermiles and one of the most popular ways is to convert your credit card Reward Points into intermiles. There are several major card issuers who allow Reward points conversion to intermiles and if you have a credit card from one such issuer, you have a great opportunity to earn double benefits. You can earn 2x intermiles and complimentary Amazon Gift vouchers by converting your credit card Reward points into intermiles during the offer period. For more detailed information about the offer and its terms & conditions, keep reading:

Earn 2x Miles & Free Amazon Vouchers On Converting Your Credit Card Rewards Into Intermiles

The Offer

If you have a credit card that allows the conversion of Reward Points into intermiles, here is some good news for you. You have an excellent opportunity to earn double miles and a complimentary Amazon voucher just by converting your credit card Reward Points into intermiles. Various major card issuers, including HDFC Bank, Citibank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, HSBC Bank, YES Bank, etc, allow their credit cardholders to convert the Reward Points into intermiles. However, the conversion rate might be different for different cards. But with all of these cards, you can earn 2x intermiles by converting up to 9,999 Reward Points into miles and 2x miles along with an Amazon voucher by converting 10,000 or more Reward Points.

The offer is valid for all conversions made from October 11, 2022, to October 20, 2022, and the number of bonus miles that can be earned during the offer period is capped at 2,00,000 miles per customer. Moreover, the number of Amazon vouchers is capped at 3 vouchers per card member. For example, if a cardholder makes multiple conversions of more than 10,000 Reward Points, he/she can only earn up to 3 Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 500 each. Just make sure that you register for the offer here as you can not get the benefits of this offer if you have not registered for it.

Offer Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions associated with this card are listed below:

– The offer is valid for all the conversions made between October 11 to October 20, 2022.
– One can earn a maximum of 2,00,00 bonus miles during the offer period.
– A customer can earn a maximum of three Amazon vouchers during the offer period.
– Registration for the offer is mandatory in order to avail of its benefits.
– The bonus intermiles and the Amazon voucher will be sent to the eligible customers by 20th December 2022.
– Once the converted intermiles are credited to your account, the transaction can not be reversed.

For more detailed terms and conditions, click here.

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Bottom Line

As the festive season is at its peak, all the card issuers are coming up with exclusive offers for their credit cardholders and now, this offer launched by Intermiles.com is an amazing opportunity for those who have eligible credit cards. The offer is especially beneficial for those who travel very often and want to save more and more on their traveling spends. If you are one of them, you should not miss out on this amazing opportunity. Just make sure to register for the offer and go for it to earn double benefits as well as complimentary gift vouchers.

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