Applying for a credit card can be a hassle for some of us. First, we need to make up our own minds on which card we want, whether it’s based on our travel expenses, a card for necessities like utilities, or a simple lifetime free credit card. Then, after we have decided which card we want, we start applying for one, providing all our details, such as PAN, income, and multiple OTPs. Sometimes, even all of this isn’t enough, and we need to provide more. There is another easy method for those of us who already have a card and are applying for another. It’s called C2C basis. Credit Card Application Via Card-to-Card Method (C2C) On a C2C basis, you can simply share your current credit card details along with the previous month’s statements and get a new credit card. This credit card application method in India is only available for select credit card issuers and only those who already have a credit card. Let’s consider an example of the card-to-card method. Suppose you already have an Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card, and you are interested in applying for an SBI Octane Credit Card. Once you have started the credit card application process, you can submit your credit card statements from the previous three months to SBI Card. This will help you to get the new SBI Octane credit card based on your previous card with Amazon ICICI. You would just need to submit proof of a credit card you already hold.

The C2C method is one of the easiest ways to get a new credit card of your choice. In a case where your new card is dependent on the old, it’s best to keep a few things in mind.

  • Not all credit card issuers, such as American Express, consider a C2C basis for new cards.
  • You must be careful when sharing your credit card information only with officials.
  • Your credit utilization needs to be low to be eligible for a new card.
  • Your credit card age and history matter while opting for the C2C method. You must have held the card for at least six months before applying for another.
  • The new card’s credit limit shall depend upon the old one. So it’s best to provide the card with a higher limit when applying for one on a C2C basis.

Which Credit Card Issuers Accept the C2C Method in India?

Many popular credit card issuers accept the C2C method for issuance of new cards. Remember that applying for a card might be difficult if you possess a co-branded one.

Issuer Is C2C Possible? Which Issuers Credit Cards Are Accepted? Is Online C2C Possible?
American Express No None No
SBI Card Yes All Banks Yes
HDFC Bank Yes All Banks No
IDFC First Bank Yes All Banks Yes
Yes Bank Yes All Banks Yes
Axis Bank Yes All Banks No
ICICI Bank Yes All Banks No
AU Bank Yes All Banks Yes

Bottom Line

Applying for a new credit card on a card-to-card basis is one of the best options available. This method can be a great advantage for those who, for some reason, are unable to get the card of their choice. While some credit card issuers accept this method online, others only allow the physical option. Either way, if you have one credit card in good standing with a good limit, you can easily apply for another card using this method. Additionally, this method is useful if you don’t have any pre-approved offers.

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