As the festival of colors, Holi is coming, the Axis Bank is planning to make this Holi even more colorful and joyful for its customers. An exciting offer with an opportunity to earn up to 15% cashback/30x Reward Points has been launched on Axis Bank Grab Deals. With this Holi sale, you have an option to choose between Edge Rewards & Cashback and you can earn the same on your spends on Amazon, Flipkart, and Vouchers. The offer is even more rewarding for users who are using the Axis Bank Grab Deals platform for the first time. However, the reward/cashback rate is different for spends on different categories and the terms & conditions might also differ accordingly. To understand the offer in detail, keep reading the article:

axis bank grab deals holi sale offer

The Offer

The Grab Deals Holi Sale is live now and the Axis Bank customers have an amazing opportunity to save a lot in the form of Edge Reward Points/Cashback as per their choice. The Axis Bank Grab Deals’ existing customers can earn a cashback of up to 10% or up to 20x Reward Points on eligible spends, and the first time users can earn up to 15% cash back or up to 30x Edge Reward Points. Other than this, customers will keep earning the regular cashback/reward points that are offered on the Grab Deals platform. However, the offer is only applicable on purchases via Amazon, Flipkart, and Instant Vouchers via GrabDeals Portal. To understand the reward/cashback rate that is being offered, refer to the following table:

Spend Category Reward Rate for Existing Customers Reward Rate for First Time Users
Amazon 10% Cashback       
20x Edge Rewards
15% Cashback
30x Edge Rewards
Flipkart 5% Cashback     
10x Edge Rewards
7.5% Cashback     
15x Edge Rewards
Vouchers 10% Cashback     
20x Edge Rewards
10% Cashback       
20x Edge Rewards

Offer Period: The offer is valid between March 12, 2022, and March 20, 2022.

The maximum cashback that you can earn on Amazon & Flipkart is capped at Rs. 3,000 during the offer period and for Gif vouchers purchased via Grab Deals is Rs 1,000, however, there is no maximum cap on Edge Reward Points. This cap is separate from the regular monthly capping of Rs 1,000 on cashback that you earn on Axis Bank Grab deals. So if you have already consumed your monthly cashback limit, you can again purchase during this Holi sale and get extra cashback.

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How To Avail The Offer?

You can avail of the additional cashback/Edge Reward Points during the offer period just by following a few simple steps as mentioned below:

– Visit Axis Bank Grab Deals Holi sale page.
– You will see the offers on Amazon, Flipkart & Vouchers separately. Select your favourite brand and click on ‘Shop Now’ under that.
Choose between Edge Rewards & Cashback. (The option isn’t currently available in Instant Vouchers, probably the bank would add in coming days)
Get redirected to the merchant website from Grab Deals.
– Add items to your cart. (Only items added to the card after getting redirected from Grab Deals will be considered eligible for the offer and not the items that were already added).
– Make the purchase using your Axis Bank credit/debit card.

Note: If your card is a cashback card like Axis Ace Credit Card or co-branded card like Axis Vistara card, then only select cashback as an option, as Edge Reward points isn’t applicable on these cards.

Terms & Conditions

  • The offer is only valid from March 12, 2022, to March 20, 2022.
  • The maximum cashback that can be earned during the offer period is capped at Rs. 3,000 per account per spend category.
  • There is no maximum cap on the Edge Reward Points that can be earned during the offer period.
  • The cardholders will also earn the regular Edge Reward/cashback that is offered on grab Deals.
  • The cashback/Edge Rewards will not be earned on the purchases that were added to the cart before getting redirected from the Grab Deals portal.
  • The earned Edge Rewards/Cashback will be credited to the cardholders’ account within 90 to 120 days from the transaction date.
  • The offer is not valid for the purchase of gift vouchers, gold coins, or silver coins from Amazon & Flipkart.
  • Amazon Vouchers via Grabdeals Instant vouchers platform can only be purchased via Debit Cards.

Bottom Line

With the Axis Bank Grab Deals Holi Sale, the Axis Bank customers have a great chance to save a lot on their spends. Moreover, if you are an eligible customer, you will have an option to choose between Edge Rewards or Cashback that you can earn during the offer period. Just keep in mind that there is a maximum cap of Rs. 3,000 on cashback and no such capping is there for Reward Points. So, if you are making a really big purchase that can earn you Edge Rewards worth more than the cashback, you should choose Reward points instead of cashback. This is how you can maximize your benefit by choosing an option wisely.

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