With the new financial year, the AU Bank has come up with some modifications to its Priority Pass policy and rent payment terms & conditions. Recently, the IDFC First Bank, RBL Bank & Axis Bank have also changed their rent payment terms and conditions and now the AU Bank has announced the same. The customers who are having a credit card from the AU Bank should go through these terms and conditions so that they don’t get confused while using their Priority Pass or while paying rent through their credit card. These new changes will come into effect from May 15, 2022, , and will be applicable to all AU Bank Credit Cards. To know more about all the modifications and changes, keep reading the article:

AU Bank priority pass rent

Modifications In The Priority Pass Policy

AU Bank provides complimentary Priority Pass membership along with the following cards- Vetta and Zenith Credit Cards, so the new Priority Pass modifications will only be applicable to these two cards. Following are the new changes that will be in effect from May 15, 2022:

  • All the lounge visits within India (both domestic & international terminal), via Priority Pass will be chargeable with effect from May 15, 2022. Previously, the Vetta Credit Card used to offer 1 free lounge access every quarter and Zenith Credit Card was offering 2 lounge access every quarter with the Priority Pass and the cardholders could access any Priority Pass lounge (within or outside India) for free under this offer.
    But, with effect from May 15, 2022, the visits to Priority Pass lounges within India will not be complimentary, but still, cardholders can avail of the free lounge access outside India.
  • The renewal/replacement of Priority Pass for the Vetta Credit Cardholders will only be done on request and the new Pass will come with a validity of 3 years only.
  • The Priority Pass will not be renewed after expiration for the supplementary Vetta Credit Cardholders.

Changes in Rent Payments Via AU Bank Credit Cards

While paying rent using an AU Bank Credit Card, the following terms and conditions should be fulfilled after May 15, 2022:

  • The cardholders can make only up to two rent payment transactions in a month (or in a period of 30 days).
  • The total amount spent on rent payments within a month should not exceed 30% of the entire credit limit of the credit card.

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Bottom Line

These new modifications in the Priority Pass policy is in line with other credit card issuers in India. Currently, besides AU Credit Cards, credit card holders can access lounges in India via Priority pass only with Citibank Prestige Card & HDFC Infinia Credit Card. Other than this, you can keep enjoying the free domestic lounge access that is offered under the exclusive Domestic Visa Lounge Program by the card issuer. Talking about the changes in rent payments, you should make sure that your total rent payment amount doesn’t exceed 30% of your credit limit. And if your rental expenses are more than 30% of your credit limit, you should first request your card issuer to provide you with a higher credit limit so that you can pay rent using your card. If you have any further doubts related to these new terms and conditions, make sure to ask us in the comment section below!

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